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Full questions:

  1. If elected to Parliament at this general election, would you:
    Support the implementation of the High Court judgment of Justice Miller by having certifying consultants accountable to the Abortion Supervisory Committee for the lawfulness of the abortions they authorise. To stop unlawful abortion on demand and to question consultants for their use of mental health grounds for 98% of the abortions they authorise to provide abortion on demand.
  2. If elected to Parliament at this general election, would you:
    Support the right to life of every individual from conception by opposing embryonic stem cell research that entailed the destruction of human embryos.
  3. The Crimes Act states that an unborn child does not become a human being until it is born. If elected to Parliament at this general election would you support legislation that would give legal recognition to the status of an unborn child from conception as a human being endowed with human rights, the foundation right being an inalienable right to life?
  4. The Care of Children Act provides that a girl under the age of 16 may have an abortion without the knowledge or consent of the parents or guardian, If elected to Parliament at this general election, would you support an amendment to the Act that would protect parental rights by requiring that an abortion may not be performed on a girl under 16 without the consent of the parents.
  5. If elected to Parliament at this General Election would you oppose legislation that would give doctors the right to kill or assist in the suicide of their patients [Euthanasia].
  6. If elected to Parliament at this general election, would you
    Uphold the state of marriage as being exclusively for a man and a woman.

The Family Party

Angela Xu            
Louise Cleary            
Samuel Dennis            
Richard Lewis            
Melanie Taylor            
Karl Adams            
Paul Adams            
The Kiwi Party
David Weusten            
Barry MacDonald            
Simonne Dyer            
Camilia Chin            
Al Belcher            
Leighton Baker            
Wilton Gray            
Philip Wescombe            
Gordon Copeland            
Kevin Stitt            
Rebekah Clement            
Robin Westley            
Renton Maclachlan            
Robyn Jackson            
Jo van Kempen            
Tony Bunting            
Michael Bailey            
Carl Friemann            
Nick Kearney            
Colin Duplessis            
Mike Collins            
Dave Tattersfield            
Beryl Good            
Clint Heine            
Kevin Campbell            
Lech Beltowski            
John Thompson            
John Boscawen            
Catherine Delahunty        
Alan Liefting            
James Redwood        
United Future
Jim Stowers            
Murray Smith            
Janet Tuck            
Jenni Hurn            
Dr. John Pickering            
Robin Gunston            
Aaron Galey-Young            
Vanessa Roberts            
Kelleigh Sheffield-Cranstoun            
Judy Turner            
Aaron Gilmore        
Jonathan Young            
Louise Upston            
Phil Heatley          
Renee van de Weert            
Jordan Carter            
Tracey Dorreen            
Kate Sutton            
Carol Devoy-Heena