Proposed Constitution Should Recognize Right to Life of Unborn

a nation that killsMedia Release  20 December 2014

The United Nations Human Rights Council in its second periodic review of New Zealand’s human rights record in January this year applauded our human rights record. Minister Collins said “Nearly all countries commended our excellent human rights record and acknowledged the progress we are making in protecting women and children against violence, and recommended these efforts continue.” Right to Life asks why when our record is so positive in these other areas, are we in denial about the war that is being conducted against women and their defenceless unborn? In the four years since the first periodic review more than 61,ooo children have been murdered in their mothers’ wombs. This is the ultimate in violence against women and their precious children, sanctioned and funded by the government, all with the blessing of the United Nations.

The UN Human Rights Council should be at the forefront in seeking protection for women and their unborn. Why aren’t they? Instead they are actually a driving force in promoting worldwide the war against women and the killing of the unborn.

The war against women will continue unabated until the law recognizes the unborn child as a human being from conception endowed by its Creator with an inalienable right to life. A nation and culture that refuses to defend and protect its most helpless, unguarded citizens will continue a rapid plunge into total darkness. We should pray during this Christmas season that all people make a resolution to embrace, not erase the most precious, priceless gift of all – Human LIFE.

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Labour holds back from resubmitting bill to Ballot to allow Doctors to Kill their Patients or Assist in their Suicide

Media Release 15 December 2014

Andrew Little Leader of the NZ Labour Party

Right to Life commends the Labour Party for its decision not to resubmit the contentious “End of Life Choice” bill to the Parliamentary ballot. The Labour leader Andrew Little,  has said that the caucus will concentrate on supporting a Private Members bill to seek improved working conditions for workers.

The electorate will not be deceived by this cynical ploy of Labour in delaying the bill for strategic reasons. The bill has no merit and continues to be a threat to the most vulnerable members of our community, the aged, the disabled, the handicapped and those seriously ill. Parliament has no mandate to legislate for the legal killing of its citizens.

The objects of the bill are alien to the founding objectives of the Labour Party which was founded on a profound respect for the sanctity of life of every New Zealander from conception to natural death. The founder of the Labour Party, Michael Joseph Savage and other leaders like Walter Nash, Norman Kirk and David Lange, who served the Labour Party and our nation with distinction, would turn in their graves if they knew that this noxious bill was to have the support of the Labour caucus. [Read more…]

Why does United States Senate Committee Denounce Torture of Prisoners but not of Unborn?

Media Release December 13th 2014

Are you aware that the United Nations promotes the torture of the unborn?  Right to Life finds it unbelievable that the UN  also proclaims that any attempts which seek to deny women the right to kill their unborn children by the violence of abortion, are in themselves a form of torture.  This is patently absurd and the fact that it has been accepted within UN circles is extraordinary.

Torture is a violation of human rights and is always to be condemned. The torture of detainees by the American CIA is thus condemned. It is disappointing that Congress and indeed the international community including the New Zealand government, refuse to recognise that we have government sanctioned and funded murder of unborn children. This is institutionalised torture and is openly being practised as a matter of public policy.

The violent murder  and torture inflicted on a child by tearing her arms and legs off in the womb  is an unspeakable injustice. Why is there no cry of outrage from UN Committees? Why is there no cry from the victims of torture for justice. There is only the silent scream from the of the victims being murdered. Right to Life makes no apology for speaking up for those who have no voice and who have been tortured and murdered in our hospitals on the pretext that abortion is a health service. We demand that the New Zealand government stop the torture of the unborn, the weakest and most defenceless members of our human family.

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Why are doctors withholding information from Women that Chemical Abortions can be Reversed?

Media Release 8 December 2014

Right to Life asks why the Family Planning Association and Certifying Consultants are withholding important information from women. Those women who are in the process of having a chemical abortion are not being informed that the abortion can be prevented between the time she takes the lethal Mifepristone drug and prior to her taking the prostaglandin Misoprostol, should she change her mind.

Right to Life is delighted that there is now help for those women who have a change of heart after having taken Mifepristone to kill their child in the womb.  Women seeking an abortion are legally entitled to be fully informed. Right to Life’s contention is that all women seeking an abortion, should be informed of this life saving option.

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The Abortion Holocaust

Dietrich Bonhoeffer German Lutheran pastor, theologian, anti-Nazi dissident, stood up for the unborn. He was hung by the Nazis.

The media should be at the service of mankind, with a clear moral duty to inform citizens by seeking the truth and exposing injustice.  Today we are witnessing the single most serious crime ever committed against humanity involving the total violation of human rights. The cold blooded murder of unborn children who are the weakest and most defenceless members of our human family is a slaughter that goes hand in hand with the war against women. The media should be a voice for the voiceless but instead they have become a force that is conspiring in the destruction of the innocent.

It is time for us to awake from our slumber. Our nation is in grave mortal danger from a culture of death confronting us in what has rightly been called an abortion holocaust,The Jewish holocaust and the abortion holocaust emanate from the same culture of death, which lusts for the blood of the innocent and denies the inalienable right to life endowed by God, on every human being at the moment of conception. Those who don’t learn from history are bound to repeat it.There are striking similarities between the Nazi holocaust that brought more than six million Jews to Auschwitz and other concentration camps to be murdered and the abortion holocaust that murders more than sixty million unborn children every year in surgical abortions alone.

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Women Lied to by Family Planning

Media Release 30 November 2014

The Family Planning Association (FPA) provide the so called “Emergency Contraceptive Pill’  (ECP).  The ECP is the Levonorgestrel tablet manufactured by Bayer which is marketed under the name Postinor-1. The website of the FPA describes the action of Postinor-1 as follows:

The ECP is taken after unprotected sex to prevent pregnancy.

It stops or delays the release of an egg from your ovaries until the guy’s sperm aren’t active in your body any more.

  • It prevents the sperm from fertilising an egg by changing the way the sperm moves in your body.
  • It doesn’t work once the egg has been fertilised.
  • It doesn’t harm you or a developing embryo.”

The first two modes of action are correct. However it is a blatant falsehood to state that the ECP does not harm a developing embryo.

This false information is also printed in the FPA pamphlet on Emergency Contraception funded by the Ministry of Health. [Read more…]

At UN, Europeans and Australia, Gang up on El Salvador on Question of Abortion

The following post  by Austin Ruse, the President of C-FAM is a cross-post on the website and details the push by European countries within the  United Nations to coerce El Salvador to accept abortion against the wishes of the government and the people of that country. The post was published on 21 November 2014. Reads..

(United Nations) – El Salvador is currently undergoing something the UN calls the Universal Periodic Review, a fairly new human rights process that looks at countries’ implementation of various human rights treaties.

And even though no UN treaty mentions abortion, ten European countries along with Australia and Canada have criticized El Salvador for its ban on the practice.

Australia, Canada, the Czech Republic, France, Germany, Iceland, Luxembourg, Slovenia, Norway, Spain, Sweden, and the United Kingdom each made statements of complaint against El Salvador that were included in the report just released by the Human Rights Council.

According to Rebecca Oas of C-Fam, such pressure has regularly been mounted by European countries, mostly against countries from Latin America.

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UN International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women 25November 2014

image Right to Life supports the United Nations Declaration for the elimination of violence against women made by the general assembly of the United Nations in 1993. The United Nations is applauded for its Universal Declaration of human rights and its many Conventions upholding human rights. The UN has done much to eliminate violence against women. There is however much that is wrong in this powerful organisation.

The UN bureaucracy promotes its own ideology and ignores the wishes not only of the UN General Assembly but the Security Council as well.

Right to Life is disappointed that violence against women is being inflicted on women under the auspices of the United Nations. The United Nations Population Fund [UNFPA] is promoting violence against women by actively supporting China’s one child family policy with forced abortions, sterilisations, punitive fines, imprisonment and destruction of homes. It is disappointing that the New Zealand government continues to applaud the work of UNFPA and provides funding of over $4 million per annum. UNFPA encourages other nations to follow the example of China in implementing a one child family policy.

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New pro-life short film offers unique view into the reality of abortion

the-appointmentThe following is a post from the website.

Under the threat of interrogation, a frightened woman is forced to make a choice, with a young man’s life hanging in the balance.

“You have to do what’s best for you,” an interrogator says in a room that looks like a police station.

With this opening, viewers are in for a surprise in this new pro-life short film, “The Appointment – a mother’s choice,” both directed and partly produced by filmmaker Brandon Rice.


Why are Green’s not speaking out about human rights abuses in China?

Media Release 21 November 2014

Right to Life challenges Russell Norman the co-leader of the Green Party to explain why, he was prepared to ask Prime Minister John Key to talk to Chinese President Xi Jinping about human rights abuses in countries bordering China but ignored the opportunity to ask about the massive violation of human rights perpetrated by the Chinese government against its own people. We refer to China’s notorious one child family policy.

The Chinese government is guilty of the most horrendous human rights abuses against women that the world has ever known. It denies the human right of families to choose how many children they are going to have. A family is required to obtain a permit authorising the birth of a child. Pregnancies that are not authorised are required by law to be aborted. Women who are not married, who become pregnant are required to have an abortion. Children who are born without a permit are not recognised by the state and are denied health services, and an education. [Read more…]