New Zealand says no to Culture of Death

respect life Right to Life is pleased that the people of New Zealand have rejected a culture of death by refusing to elect a Labour/Green government that supported the decriminalisation of abortion. This proposal would have intensified the war against women and violence against unborn children who are the weakest and most defenceless members of the human family. The proposed legislation would have removed unborn children from the protection of the Crimes Act and would have meant that it was no longer a crime to kill an unborn child, for any reason effectively up to birth. It would have exposed women to increased exploitation and abandonment by the father of their child.

The Labour Party has become beholden to groups that are promoting destructive social engineering that undermine the common good.

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Why are the Greens withholding information about their proposed law to decriminalise Abortion?

Jan Logie

Right to Life is disappointed that the Green Party is refusing to provide a response to the seven very important questions that have been addressed to  Jan Logie, spokesperson for the Green Party on Women’s and rainbow issues. On the Green’s web site, Jan Logie, describes herself as a” lefty feminist lesbian”. Supporting this destructive policy is not an authentic feminist position. She says this about herself. ” I am passionate about reducing inequality, eliminating violence and promoting participation in society, locally and globally.” She states that she:

“believes in public engagement and greater transparency which are central to trust in both the system and politicians”

To promote participation in society locally it is necessary to be provided with information. Why then is she refusing to provide the requested information which the electorate are entitled to have, to assist them to make an informed decision about the controversial policy of decriminalization of abortion…Women in particular have a need for this information as the decriminalization of abortion would  have a catastrophic and degrading affect on the status of women as mothers and child bearers.

1Why are the Greens seeking to establish 20 weeks as a cut off point. What happens at 20 weeks in the development of the child that requires this limit?

2 Are you planning a restrictive bubble around abortion clinics where no one may enter to pray, protest or to offer women seeking an abortion assistance?

3 What action will the law require when doctors refuse to refer a woman seeking an abortion to another doctor who will perform the abortion?

4 You require neutral counsellors what constitutes neutrality?

5 Would you permit abortions after 20 weeks for Down syndrome and Spina-Bifida?

6 would you permit sex selection abortions up to 20 weeks and beyond?

7 Is there any requirement for informed consent with women being give information about the alternatives to abortion such as adoption or parenting. The potential complications that might follow an abortion and information about the development of the child?

Those who govern do so with the consent of the governed. Those who are elected to Parliament should have a firm commitment to pursue the common good and to seek a just society. The foundation of the common good is recognition of the right to life of every member of the community from conception to natural death. There is no place in our Parliament for any person who is not committed to upholding the common good.

A functioning democracy requires a properly informed electorate to enable it to elect wise and prudent men and women to govern them. Right to Life requests that in order to promote an informed electorate that Ms Jan Logie provides answers to the seven important questions presented to her.

Ken Orr


Right to Life


Internet Party a threat to Women and Unborn

The electorate should be warned that the Internet Party has a policy to remove the killing of the unborn from the Crimes Act and to treat the murder of the unborn as a health service. The policy was proposed by the leader of the Internet Party, Laira Harre. This policy represents the tyranny of the strong over the weak. This tyrannical and barbarous policy renders the Internet Party unfit to be in Parliament. She falsely claims that the murder of the unborn is a human right.

This is the Internet Party’s abortion policy:  Abortion is a medical procedure. The Internet Party will take abortion out of the Crimes Act and get rid of the state-mandated “legal grounds” for abortion. Decisions about pregnancy must be left up to the person who is pregnant in consultation with the medical professionals of their choice. This is a woman-centred approach that is in keeping with international human rights practice, and treaties to which Aotearoa New Zealand is signatory, including the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women

Laila Harre claims that abortion is a medical procedure, pregnancy is not a disease and the unborn is not the enemy. A surgical abortion entails violently and painfully tearing off the arms and legs of an innocent and defenceless human being that is a unique and unrepeatable miracle of creation. It has been endowed with gifts to enrich our society. The child is the weakest and most defenceless member of the human family that deserves our love, respect and protection. It has been created to love and be loved. It is indeed sad that Laila Harre and her Party approves of the murder of the innocent. Our community reels in horror at the barbarism of the ISIS terrorists in Iraq decapitating children, yet accept the daily violence in our own country against our unborn.

Laila Harre also claims that this is a women centered approach. It is not. She is promoting violence against women and their precious unborn. Laila we don’t help women by killing their children. The consequences for women’s health following an abortion are considerable, an increased risk of breast cancer, cervical cancer, psychiatric illness, suicide, drug and alcohol addiction, regret and sorrow.

Laila Harre also claims that this is in keeping with international human rights practice and treaties to which New Zealand is signatory, including the Convention for the Elimination of all forms of Discrimination Against Women [CEDAW]. This is simply not true there is no such thing as a human right for a woman to kill her baby before it is born. The international pro-abortion movement knows that this is a lie, but believes that if you tell this lie often enough the people will believe you.  CEDAW is silent on abortion, however the United Nations CEDAW Committee consistently abuse their mandate to review member states on their compliance with the Convention claiming that abortion is in the spirit of the Convention.

Right to Life again requests that voters vote only for candidates and parties that are pledged to protect life. the Mana-Internet Party, the Greens and the Labour Party are all a threat to the lives of the unborn. They all support the decriminalization of abortion.

Ken Orr


Right to Life.

Please, Please Vote for Me at this Election – My Future is in Your Hands

I am an unborn child, I am in mortal peril. My life is in great danger. I am the weakest and most defenceless member of our human family. I have no vote, I have no voice but yours. Please, please vote to protect me. I am considered to be of little value. I and more than 40,000 of my brothers and sisters are destined to be brutally murdered in our mother’s womb during the term of the next Parliament. Please hearken to the silent scream of the unborn who will be violently dismembered in the womb.

Who am I?  I was made in the image and likeness of God. At my conception I was endowed by my Creator with inalienable human rights, the foundation of my rights being the right to life. I was made to love and be loved. I have been endowed with gifts to enrich my community. Why am I not welcome? Why am I being treated as the enemy? Why very often,  is my mother being coerced into getting rid of me?

Why does the law which should protect my life, permit me to be murdered? Why does it deny my humanity and refuse to recognise my human rights? Why does the law allow me to be murdered because my presence is inconvenient? I am not a potential human being, but a human being with great potential. Why does the government sanction my murder and pay doctors to execute me?

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Abortion violates the Human Rights of Fathers

Fathers1Right to Life is concerned at the glaring imbalance that exists in law, in regard to the rights of  men to defend the lives of the children they have fathered. Fatherhood commences at conception. Children in the womb, just like children who have been born, have a right to the love and protection of their father. Fathers have an inalienable right to protect their children. Our abortion law cruelly silences and rejects fathers, violating their human rights. Fathers are amongst the many silent victims of abortion.

New Zealand abortion law discriminates against fathers because it makes no provision whatsoever for their having a say in whether their child will be allowed to be born. It allows for the murder of their children at the sole decision of the mothers. There is no requirement for fathers to be consulted or even informed of the murder of their children. That the law does not recognise the father’s right to protect his child from being killed is one of the most an appalling violation of human rights in our country.

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‘Do you want us to let you die?’: The bleak new reality in care homes for the elderly

elderly asked questionThe following post by Hillary White is cross posted from LifeSite.

“Do you want us to let you die?” It’s not exactly the sort of question one expects to hear when talking to a health professional when you’re living in a care home. But that’s exactly what happens all the time, according to an article published by the Daily Mail this week, which says that it is becoming routine for nurses to ask elderly patients whether they “would agree” to a Do Not Resuscitate order.

The first thing I thought when I read it was, “Oh yes, they’ve been doing this sort of thing for ages. Why is it only becoming news now?”

I still remember the day my dear friend John Muggeridge brought home a form they’d given him in the care facility where his wife, Anne Roche Muggeridge lived. [Read more...]

Abortion the New Slavery


Those who promote abortion today share the same philosophy as those who supported the ownership of slaves in the United States in the nineteenth century. Everyone who supported slavery was free, everyone who supports abortion is born. Slavery tore American society apart and ended with a civil war. Likewise abortion is a burden on the conscience of this nation. It will only be healed with the abolition of abortion.

  • Slave owners claimed that Negroes were not human beings and had no human rights. Abortion supporters claim that unborn children are not human beings and do not have a right to life.
  • Slave owners claimed that they had a human right to own slaves. Supporters of abortion claim that abortion is a human right.
  • Slave owners claimed that slaves were “property and that they could do with them as they wished.” Abortion advocates claim that unborn children are the property of the mother and that it is her choice whether  she has a live baby or a dead baby.
  •  Slave owners claimed that they had a human right to choose to own slaves. Abortion supporters claim that they have a human right to choose abortion.
  • Slave owners claimed that owning slaves was for the good of the slaves as they were fed and clothed. Abortion promoters claim that killing a child in the womb is a kindness; it is unkind to bring a child into the world who is “unwanted” or who has a disability.

Both slavery and abortion are intrinsically evil; they are an abomination and represent the tyranny of the strong over the weak. Everyone who supported slavery was free; everyone who supports abortion is born.

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Abortion Advocacy Group Defames Pro-Life Health Professionals

DrStethoscope.jpgALRANZ is dishonest and hypocritical in setting up a website to list doctors who are known to oppose the killing of innocent unborn children and who are not prepared to prescribe contraception. The list while intended to shame doctors is in effect, a ‘roll of honour’ for our medical practitioners and will assist citizens who want a medical practitioner who is protective of women and is opposed to the killing of the unborn who are the weakest and most defenceless members of our human family.

Right to Life warmly commends those doctors who uphold the sanctity of life of every human being from conception to natural death. These doctors recognise that the murder of the unborn is not a health service and that the contraceptive pill is in fact  an abortifacient that has a tertiary action of destroying the human embryo before implantation.

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Abortion Law Reform Association Releases ‘Defamatory Website’

Right to Life is concerned that ALRANZ (The Abortion Law Reform Association of New Zealand) is denigrating the good name and reputations of health professionals who believe that abortion is a harmful choice. They have just released a website entitled ‘My Decision’. The purpose of which is to ‘name and shame’ health practitioners who exercise their conscience rights to refuse to provide what ALRANZ calls ‘Reproductive Health-Care Services’. In other words, the website targets those doctors and practitioners who are not willing to refer a woman to an abortionist or to provide contraception.

Health practitioners can conscientiously object to the provision of such a request in accordance with S174 of the Health Practitioners Competence Assurance Act 2003 and this was further clarified by a 2010 Court judgment. The only requirement of the health professional is to inform the person that to obtain that ‘service’ they can see another health practitioner.

As stated in the best practice guide of the New Zealand Health Professionals Alliance;

“Upon what universally accepted principle should individuals be forced to give up their own convictions and be made to act upon the contrary moral beliefs of an employer, union, professional association or state?”

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Baby delivered as woman refused abortion under law

While it would appear that death is now almost a certainty for any unborn child born in Ireland, whose mother does not want to have it, (under Ireland’s new liberalised abortion legislation), that one fortunate child has managed to run the gauntlet, and escape the noose.

A 25 year old Irish woman has been refused an abortion under that country’s new laws and the baby has been delivered by Caesarean section after the woman went on a hunger strike.

Thank goodness that in this single case, we have seen legislation working to preserve the life of an unborn child rather than to kill it.

The woman wanted to abort her late second trimester unborn child, claiming she was suicidal.

Three psychiatrists hearing the case determined that the young women’s life was at risk because she was having suicidal thoughts. Thankfully the consultant obstetrician determined that the baby could be delivered as it was far enough along in the pregnancy. The baby is reported to be doing well.

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