Who will lead the Labour Party in defending life?

Michael Joseph Savage

Media Release 11 November 2014

Right to Life commends Andrew Little for opposing  the controversial Private Member’s  “End of Life Choice” bill being returned to the ballot. Right to Life also commends David Parker for his opposition for euthanasia and this bill. We are also pleased that Iain Lees-Galloway MP, for Palmerston North, has now stepped back from his previous public commitment to resubmit this bill to the ballot and is now wisely giving further consideration to it’s submission.

Right to Life is disappointed that two other contenders for the leadership of the Labour Party, Grant Robinson and Nanaia Mahuta, have expressed support for this bill to be resubmitted to the ballot. This bill which is part of a culture of death, undermines the sanctity of life of the vulnerable and defenceless and has no place in Parliament.

The “end of Life Choice “ bill is a threat to the lives of the most vulnerable members of our community, the aged, the disabled, the handicapped and the terminally ill. Right to Life fully supports the right of every New Zealander to die with dignity, provided with love and the excellent palliative that is available in New Zealand. Right to Life fully supports the ethics of the medical profession which is totally opposed to doctors being required to kill their patients or assist in their suicide.  [Read more…]

Woman Reveals Intense Suffering Caused by Norplant Abortifacient

The following is a re-post of an article from the Popluation Research Institute Website first published Nov 6 2014.

True story #1 in PRI’s ongoing series of “How I Survived Population Control”

You’re about to read a brief summary of what one Egyptian women experienced when she used Norplant – silicon capsules implanted under the skin that shut down a woman’s reproductive system for up to five years. This is not pleasant reading.

This woman’s story – we’ll call her “Bahana” to protect her privacy – is part of an explosive study by an Egyptian-American medical anthropologist who has taught at MIT, Michigan State University, Tufts University as well as universities in Egypt. Here is Bahana’s story . . .

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Labour MP, Iain Lees-Galloway proposes legislation to allow Doctors to Kill their Patients or Assist in their suicide

Media Release 8th November 2014
Iain Lees-Galloway

Iain Lees-Galloway

medical murder Right to Life is disappointed that Labour MP, Iain Lees-Galloway has publicly announced that he is preparing to resubmit to the ballot the highly controversial Private Member’s bill ‘End of Life Choice’ bill  of the defeated Labour MP, Maryan Street. It is understood that the bill will not be amended and that it has wide support among the Labour caucus.  Right to Life calls on the members of the Labour caucus to rather than promote a  culture of death, to promote a culture of life by treating this vile bill with the contempt that it deserves. Have not the Labour Party been already given a clear message from the electorate at the recent election?  The Labour Party was proudly founded an on ethos of protecting human life and the vulnerable and defenceless. Why then in recent years has the Labour Party it been taken over by those who seek to take away the right to life of those most at risk?

Mr Lees-Gallowy, the community did not elect you to Parliament with a mandate to deliberate on how we could be legally murdered.

It is disappointing that the Labour caucus appear to have forgotten that the  primary duty of government is to legislate to protect the right to life of all  members of the community and not to legislate for their destruction. Those who seek to govern who do not accept this fundamental principle disqualify themselves from governing. This noxious bill is a poison chalice. It would be the height of folly for the Labour caucus to allow this evil bill to be placed back in the ballot. Should this happen Right to Life predicts that the first casualty of this bill will sadly again be the Labour Party who will face an even greater decline in  support at the next election and will be punished by being relegated to a fourth term in opposition.

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Dying with dignity – really?


The following is a re-post from the website of Alex Schadenberg, the  Director of the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition International. This post has been written by Kevin Fitzpatrick the Spokesperson/Convener of the Not Dead Yet UK Campaign.   Reads..

Death is not an event in life, like marriage, or buying your first car or home, not even like losing a limb. It is not a catastrophe to be ‘cured’ or fixed or accommodated going forward. Death is the end of all the possibilities of life. It is both more terrible and more important than injuries suffered in a car accident, or the suffering a cancer brings. We have lost that sense of its importance.
We live in a time when we are constantly bombarded by atrocities from across the globe. We say ‘life is cheap’ when what we really mean is that death is, when our sense of what it is for a human being, any human being, to die, is corrupted beyond repair. We have lost any sense of the ‘terrible beauty’ that Leon and Jill Uris photographed in Ireland in the 1970s, that even in such horrific and deadly circumstances there can still be something there for us to find profound, even beautiful. We only count death now as a degrading ‘failure’, as though we can and should be able to defeat it, if we only worked a little harder, did a bit more research.

Death has become the cheapest of all commodities and dying is our new atrocity in western, wealthy cultures where the luxury of false ‘choice’ exists. Dying has become an abomination, in which we are supposed to be absolutely and irrevocably excluded from the new alchemists’ panacea…dignity.
So Brittany Maynard, faced with dying in a way she found unacceptable, has committed suicide with the help of the state of Oregon. There are so many questions left unresolved by her final act – would there have been any kind of dying she might have found acceptable? is it really so simple ‘Her life her choice?’ are there no concerns about how she has used her dying to promote a cause?

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Should Doctors be allowed to kill their Patients?

Media Release 5 November 2014

The doctor assisted suicide of Brittany Maynard on Sunday  in Oregon has again raised the question should the law be changed to allow doctors to kill their patients or assist in their suicide. Brittany was in a terminal condition with a brain tumour, she did not kill herself because of intolerable pain but in fear of pain. Her death is a tragedy and it is deplored. By taking her life she has undermined the right to life of us all.

After suffering from severe headaches, Brittany Maynard found out she had stage II glioblastoma multiforme and had up to ten years to live. However, after she had surgery, doctors found out that she had the most deadly form of brain cancer, stage IV glioblastoma multiforme. The cancer usually kills its victims in a matter of months.

Following Brittany’s death the New Zealand media has jumped on the Pro-Euthanasia bandwagon with alarmingly biased reporting on the issue over the last few days. An example – a TVNZ article published yesterday (Tuesday 4th November 2014). [Read more…]

Huge Victory as Pro-Life Candidates Win Nationwide, Take Over Senate From Pro-Abortion Democrats


While the plight of the unborn child hardly makes the radar here in New Zealand this is not the case in the United States where the Pro-Life battle is one of the major voting issues. Even though this battle is sidelined by the NZ media it is important to note the growing number of people who are becoming aware of fallacies in the Pro-Abortion arguments, lies being told about the nature of abortion, and the terrible toll abortion has taken  here, not only on our unborn children but on New Zealand women.

The following release today is a re-post from the  LifeNews.com website. on the important victory of Pro-Life candidates over those who support the right to kill the unborn,  in the US Senate.  Reads….

In a landslide election that saw pro-life candidates winning across the nation, pro-life advocates have been able to take over the Senate from pro-abortion Democrats, led by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.

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Scientific Review Recommends Informing Patients about Abortion-Breast Cancer Link, Risks of Birth Control Pills and Menopausal Therapy

The following is a press release from the Coalition on Abortion/Breast Cancer Organisation
Date: October 30, 2014

A second scientific review in 2014 has strongly urged physicians to warn patients about the abortion-breast cancer (ABC) link before an abortion and argued the evidence for a cause-effect relationship is substantial.[1,2] A. Patrick Schneider and his colleagues authored the latest review entitled, “The breast cancer epidemic: 10 facts,” for the journal, The Linacre Quarterly.[1]
There are multiple, serious, health risks[3,4] associated with using the birth control pill and combined hormone replacement therapy (CHRT), both of which contain estrogen and progestin, although the former contains a larger dose. The authors of both reviews urged physicians to warn patients about the harms of taking either these drugs.

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Brittany Maynard ends her life

The following is a re-post of an article by Sheila Liaugminas on the MercatorNet website  reads..

Monday 3rd November 2014

Prayer vigils and outreach efforts did not fail her. The assisted suicide movement did.

Brittany Maynard was the perfect poster child that movement never had before, short of Hollywood films such as ‘Million Dollar Baby’, ‘You Don’t Know Jack’, ‘Sanctum’, ‘Amore’, and probably others. But those were slick productions, successful as they were in advancing the notion that ‘death with dignity’ was something saleable. They marketed it so well, the idea grew in the public consciousness, among more Americans, that maybe people should be able to have the choice to end their life if they were suffering.

Trouble is, there’s too much wrong with that idea to properly handle quickly enough to reach someone who comes along with a serious diagnosis of a terminal illness and has been stricken to the core with fear. Like Brittany Maynard.

So in the immediate aftermath of this sad but highly publicized story of human vulnerability, suffering, hope and a condition posed as ‘hopelessness’, here are some considerations of friends and colleagues I call on for bioethics stories regularly, who have taken keen interest in the Brittany Maynard story since it first surfaced, but more importantly, in the young woman herself.

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Children should not be put to death because of a health diagnosis and this girl’s video shows us why

ClaireThe following is a cross post from the Live Action Website, first released on 31st October 2014.

Click on the photo to see her video

When I was pregnant with my first child, there was a slight indication that I might be a carrier for a genetic condition called cystic fibrosis. But my doctor said that CF wasn’t a reason to terminate – not that I would have anyway – and that they test for it during newborn screening.

CF is a chronic condition that affects the entire body, but most specifically the lungs and pancreas. Life expectancy is currently 40 years old. But according to a Kaiser Permanente study, at least 87% of those whose unborn children are diagnosed with CF abort their children out of fear.

Abortion is never the answer for any child or parent, no matter the situation. In a previous post, I wrote about Matt Mitchell and his incredible life with CF. Now, I want to show you a different CF fighter who, unlike Mitchell, spends much of her time in the hospital. But that’s fine with her.

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Family Planning Continues its Relentless War on Women

Media Release 2 November 2014

The New Zealand Family Planning Association continues to violate the human rights of women by withholding from them information about the abortifacient action of the controversial Jadelle implants. The Health and Disability Act 2000 enshrines in law the right to make an informed choice and to give informed consent. Right to Life first raised this important health issue in a media release made on 10 August 2013. It is disappointing that Family Planning continue to withhold this important information from the women of New Zealand. In defence of women’s health, Right to Life is now in the process of laying a complaint against Family Planning with the Health and Disability Commissioner, Anthony Hill and the Minister of Health, Dr Jonathon Coleman, for deliberately withholding this important information from women  

Jadelle  implants were fully funded by the government in 2011. It is estimated that there are now more than 50,000 women in New Zealand who have had these controversial implants inserted into their arms in the belief that there action was to prevent conception and the creation of a new and unique human being. The disturbing truth is that the implants are also abortifacient and can destroy a human life, by changing the lining of the uterus to prevent a newly created human embryo from implanting in the uterus. It is believed that there are many women who would rightly refuse to have a Jadelle implant if they had been informed by Family Planning that the implants destroy a new human embryo.

The Jadelle implant is manufactured by the pharmaceutical manufacturer, Bayer Pharma. Its web site states that the Jadelle implant works firstly by inhibiting the release of the egg, stopping it maturing, secondly by changing the cervical mucus consistency thus making it more difficult for sperm to reach the egg, thirdly by suppressing the endometrium which may prevent implantation of the blastocyst. This third action thus causes the destruction of a new human being at the beginning of its life.

The abortifacient action of Jadelle is recognised by Best Practice Advocacy Council NZ. Medsafe guardedly states on its web site, presumably alluding to the abortifacient nature of Jadelle, that with Jadelle,” other mechanisms may also be involved.  ”The British Medicine & Health Regulatory Agency states on its web site that the Jadelle implant increases the risk of carcinoma in women’s breasts and that the long term effects on women’s health are not known. 

The web site of the New Zealand Family Planning Association and the pamphlet that it provides to clients on the Jadelle implant, states,” How do they work”, it states that:

“Implants can stop the body from releasing an egg each month. They also thicken the mucus in the cervix so that sperm cannot travel up to meet an egg.”

There is still, absolutely no information on Family Planning’s web site or in the pamphlet about the abortifacient action of this lethal drug? Why is this?

Right to Life again requests that Family Planning respect the right of women to be fully informed and to give an informed consent. Family Planning should:

  • Rectify its previous failure to comply with this legal obligation by endeavouring to contact their clients who have received a Jadelle implant and to inform them of the abortifacient action of the implant.

  • Ensure that this legal obligation is upheld with future clients seeking a Jadelle implant.

  • Immediately correct the information contained in the Family Planning pamphlet on the implant and on its web site.

Family Planning is a business; its business is to increase its clientele by promoting sexual activity through the seduction of our youth. Sterilising the women of New Zealand by filling their bodies with dangerous drugs is not a health priority, but  is part of a culture of death. Right to Life requests that the government cease funding Family Planning with over $12 million of our taxes to promote its war against women. The government should be promoting  a culture of life through abstinence based sexuality programmes in schools and faithfulness within marriage.

“Devices side effects are a users nightmare”  – Link to Sep 2013 article in the NZ Herald on Jadelle

Ken Orr