Opposing physician-assisted suicide ‘is the right position for a liberal to take’: Disability activist

The following is a re-post from the LifeSiteNews website first published on 16th Jan 2015

Featured ImageMarilyn Golden is not what many people picture when they think of the fight against physician-assisted suicide – but maybe she should be. The Berkeley-based activist boasts of shaking hands with President Obama, lauds “great champions of disability rights” like Senators Tom Harkin and Ted Kennedy, and is concerned with “environmental justice.” But she also encourages liberals and progressives to break out of their ideological straight-jackets on the issue of physician-assisted suicide.

In a recent interview, Golden discussed her 25-year history with the Disability Rights Education and Defense Fund, including her role promoting the Americans with Disabilities Act and stronger measures to assure that transportation and public accommodations are accessible. Golden told J Weekly, a publication covering the Jewish community in the San Francisco area, that she opposes physician-assisted suicide:

Because of direct threats to the disability community, but also because it’s a danger to everyone. People often think, “This is the right position for a liberal to take.” But it turns out that where assisted suicide is legal, some people will lose their lives without their consent through mistakes and abuse. No safeguards have ever been enacted or even proposed that can prevent an outcome that can never be undone.

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Wake Up New Zealand – This is where we are headed if Euthanasia is Decriminalised!


At the end of the video the doctor kills her and then fills out the paper work. All in a days work !

The following is a repost from Live Action News and includes a video showing a Belgian doctor euthanizing a 34 year old depressed, suicidal woman.

A new PBS documentary glowingly features euthanasia in Belgium, including one performed on video by Dr. Marc Van Hoey, one of the leading advocates of assisted suicide in Belgium. ProWomanProLife featured the video, which will send chills down the spine of any sane person who watches it.

In this video, a woman named Eva wants to be euthanized because she has been struggling with depression her entire life. She is suicidal and has attempted to kill herself many times. Now, she’ll finally be successful, because an obliging Belgian doctor was not bothered at all by the fact that he was killing a healthy young woman who was struggling with mental illness.https://liveactionnews.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/01/euthanasiabelgium2-671x372.jpg

The doctor who killed her is not just a random Belgian doctor, either. Dr. Van Hoey is president of Right to Die Flanders and is an active advocate of assisted suicide — or, as he likes to call it, “death with dignity.”

It is beyond disturbing to know that Belgian doctors will happily kill people who are suffering from depression and suicidal tendencies. How can anyone honestly believe that a suicidal person is in the right state of mind to decide to die? In any other context, a person wanting to kill himself is rightly seen as ill and not thinking clearly. In Belgium, they agree that the person should die and hand him a loaded gun. [Read more…]

Irish Times’ Story Falsely Claimed Woman Had Abortion to Save Her Life

ireland40This post is a re=post from LifeNews.com first published on 27th January 2015

see also  Irish Times forced to admit abortion case did not exist

A review of cases at the National Maternity Hospital in Holles Street, Dublin has confirmed that there was no basis for a front page story in the Irish Times claiming that a woman’s life had been saved after being given an abortion under the Government’s new abortion legislation.

The hospital has categorically stated that the case given prominent coverage in the Irish Times on 23rd August 2013 “did not exist.”

Commenting on the clarification from Holles Street hospital, Pro Life Campaign Deputy Chairperson, Cora Sherlock said:

“In addition to misleading its readers with a baseless story, it is important to look at the way the Irish Times packaged the report on its front page. The headline ‘first abortion carried out under new legislation’ gave a very clear impression that the new legislation had saved a woman’s life.  It also strongly implied that had the legislation been introduced earlier the tragic case of Savita Halappanavar would not have happened.  The Irish Times completely misrepresented the Savita story from day one.

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Dutch Doctor who Supports Doctors Killing their Patients Promotes Culture of Death in New Zealand


Doctor Robert Jonquiere

Right to Life is disappointed that Dr Rob Jonquiere has accepted an invitation from the New Zealand Voluntary Euthanasia Society to visit New Zealand. The purpose of his visit is to address meetings promoting legislation that would allow doctors to kill their patients or assist in their suicide. Dr Jonquiere is not welcome here. His presence in New Zealand represents  a threat to the lives of the  most vulnerable members of our community; the elderly the disabled and those who are seriously ill. His presence here is also a threat to the trust that the community rightly has in our respected, dedicated medical profession.

Dr Jonquiere, is the Communications Director and Administrative Secretary of the World Federation of Right to Die Societies. He is also the Chief Executive of the Dutch Right to Die Society. Dr Jonquiere claims to have killed several of his patients in the 1970s when it was unlawful for a doctor to kill his patients. These acts were a violation of the law prohibiting homicide.They were also a violation of  medical ethics and constitute disgraceful conduct.

Dr Jonquiere, is in denial about the awful reality of euthanasia. He claims to support the Hippocratic Oath which explicitly states that you should not kill your patients.

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Abortion Inflicts Intolerable Pain on the Unborn

New Zealanders are kind, compassionate and caring. We are opposed to violence being inflicted on others, especially against women, children and those who cannot defend themselves. Why then is it that we remain abjectly silent in the face of the appalling violence inflicted on unborn children who are the weakest and most defenceless members of our human family? This is violence inflicted by doctors who are committed to protect life and to do no harm. They are called abortionists.

Why do we give more protection to animals than we give to our own unborn children? The Animal Protection Act 1999 provides, for on conviction, for a fine of up to $50,000, or imprisonment for up to 12 months for causing suffering or distress to any animal. [Read more…]

Family Planning’s Plan to Seduce Our Children

You're Teaching My Child What?

Right to Life is pleased with the reduction in teenage pregnancies, now the lowest ever recorded. Our rate the second highest in the developed world is still a matter of concern. Right to Life challenges the claim by Francis Bird of Family Planning that we need more comprehensive sex education.

It is a matter of concern that 26 per cent of our teenagers are sexually active. To promote the health and happiness of our teenagers, we need  to promote abstinence until marriage. Abstinence sexuality education  promotes chaste teenagers, who are free of STDs, unplanned pregnancies and abortions. It also results in happier marriages, fewer divorces with fewer mothers being abandoned to raise children alone.

Comprehensive sex education promotes contraception and promiscuity. Our community should be aware of the plans that Family Planning have for our children. Family Planning is promoting compulsory sex education for all children from the age of five. It wants five year olds to know what  condoms are. We are now depriving very young children of their innocence and initiating them into the web of sexualisation that permeates our society.

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Roe Versus Wade a Warning to New Zealand


Media Release 20th January 2015

The 22nd January 2015, is the forty-second anniversary of the infamous Roe v Wade decision of the United States Supreme Court which decriminalised abortion effectively during the full nine months of pregnancy. It presents an urgent warning for New Zealand not to follow this path of destruction that would accelerate the war against women. The decriminalisation of abortion is supported by the Labour Party and by the Green Party. Right to Life believes that if we have a Labour/Green government at the next general election it will seek the support of the Law Commission to decriminalise abortion. The anniversary of Roe v Wade  marks  a day of infamy that opened the floodgates of hell and commenced the war on women with the striking down of the individual State’s legal protection for the lives of its unborn children.

This judgement was in gross violation of the Constitution of the United States which declares, “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” This was the day that the Supreme Court declared that they did not know when human life began and that the unborn child was not a human being and had no right to life. They declared that the unborn child was the property of the mother and it was her right to kill the child if that was her choice.

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At The Abortion Clinic, She Had to Reassemble Body Parts to Ensure the Baby Really Died

The following article  is a repost and is by Sarah Zagorski  on the LifeNews website (dated 16/01/15). The graphic in this article is not one from the orginal post. It shows what abortion really looks like when unborn children of between 6 and 14 weeks are dismembered in the womb.  Post reads…

Visible parts of aborted babies from 6 to 14 weeks

This job is necessary for the abortion industry because abortionists have to ensure that all body parts are removed from the woman’s uterus. If the body parts are not removed, the woman could get an infection and potentially die. For example, Tonya Reaves died at a Planned Parenthood in Chicago after the abortionist left pieces of placenta still attached to the inside of her womb.

As LifeNews previously reported, former abortionist Beverly McMillan describes what she observed when another abortionist was working in the POC room. She said, “One doctor, when he was in the POC [products of conception] room, would talk to the aborted baby while looking for all the parts. ‘Come on, little arm, I know you’re here! Now you stop hiding from me!’ It just made me sick to my stomach.”

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Amnesty International Supports China’s War on Women and Forced Abortions

amnesty Right to Life contends that Amnesty International has lost its way and has forfeited its right to be called a human rights organisation. In 2007 it was  infiltrated and taken over by those with a pro abortion and pro-homosexual agenda. Amnesty International claims it is opposed to the death penalty in all circumstances stating that the death penalty is the ultimate violation of human rights.  Right to Life asks why then, does Amnesty International support the death penalty for unborn children?

Amnesty International was founded in 1961 with the objective of seeking the release of prisoners of conscience. It has done praiseworthy and monumental work across the globe seeking the release of political prisoners, seeking fair trials and protesting torture. Why has it now lost its way?

On April 20,2007 Amnesty International, in a document signed by Karen Schneider, chair of the Sexual and Reproductive Rights Working Group quietly changed its policy on abortion from being neutral to effectively supporting the decriminalization of abortion. Abortion on demand.

Why is the media not exposing Amnesty International for its war against women? [Read more…]

This Viral Video is Changing People’s Minds About Abortion

This article is a re-post from LifeNews and originally posted at Live Action News. image

(LiveActionNews) — How do abortionists describe preborn children and the violent abortion procedures they perform on them? A video has gone viral that exposes what abortionists admit when they don’t realize the cameras are rolling.

Live Action‘s  “What is Human?” undercover investigative video probes America’s late-term abortion industry, and reveals chilling admissions from abortionists on the humanity of children in the womb. The video, which has garnered millions of views on Facebook and YouTube combined, has been shared approximately 50,000 times, and counting.  “What is Human?” details the willingness of abortionists to brutally slaughter babies able to survive outside the womb, and exposes the violent and inhumane nature of late-term abortion procedures that occur daily in abortion facilities.

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