New Study Reveals Doctors Provide Ethical Palliative Care and Death with Dignity

Dr Phillipa Malpas, Voluntary Euthanasia Society member

Media Release  Saturday 25th July 2015

A research survey by New Zealand Euthanasia activists Dr Phillipa Malpas and Dr Kay Mitchell entitled  ‘New Zealand physician experience with end of life decision-making’ was conducted after surveying a number of NZ GP’s,  reveals  that doctors are acting lawfully and in accordance with the ethics of the medical profession.

Dr Malpas who holds a doctorate in philosophy from the University of Auckland and is a senior lecturer at that university’s Department of Psychological Medicine.  She is an active member of the Voluntary Euthanasia Society which supports a change to the Crimes Act to allow doctors to kill their patients or assist in their suicide. The clear objective of the ‘study’  was to give support to a change in the law on homicide. In that objective she fails abysmally. [Read more…]

Overwhelming International Rejection of Euthanasia

Right to Life welcomes and supports the Parliamentary Health Select Committee in its consideration of the petition of the Hon Maryan Street. The petition reads;

That the House of Representatives investigate fully public attitudes towards the introduction of legislation which would permit medically assisted dying in the event of a terminal illness or an irreversible condition which makes life unbearable.

Right to Life encourages the Committee to take note in its considerations of the overwhelming international rejection by legislatures of legislation proposing to allow doctors to kill their patients or assist in their suicide.

Euthanasia and assisted suicide were rejected by the Supreme Court in the United Kingdom in 2014, the Irish Supreme Court in 2013,  the United States Supreme Court in 2012 and the European Human Rights Court in 2015. [Read more…]

Ben Carson Launches Campaign to De-Fund Planned Parenthood After Shocking Video

Dr Ben Carson, Neurosurgeon and Presidential Candidate

This is a re-post from published 17th July 2015. Right to Life notes that New Zealand Family Planning is an affiliate of the International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF).

Planned Parenthood has been scrambling for days in the aftermath of the undercover video that shows their Medical Director, Dr. Deborah Nucatola, admitting to selling aborted babies’ body parts while munching on her lunch salad. Thankfully, Americans were horrified by the video and lawmakers from across the country said they would do everything they could to defund the abortion giant.

In fact, on July 15th, Speaker John Boehner said that committees in the House of Representatives would look into the grisly video.

In a statement he said, “Nothing is more precious than life, especially an unborn child.  When anyone diminishes an unborn child, we are all hurt, irreversibly  so.  When an organization monetizes an unborn child – and with the cavalier attitude portrayed in this horrific  video – we must all act. As a start, I have asked our relevant committees to look into this matter. I am also calling on President Obama and Health and Human Services Secretary Sylvia Burwell to denounce, and stop, these gruesome practices.”

SIGN THE PETITION! Congress Must Investigate Planned Parenthood for Selling Aborted Baby Parts

Additionally, some presidential candidates, including Bobby Jindal, Ted Cruz, and Jeb Bush called on Congress to investigate Planned Parenthood’s abortion business and halt funding immediately.

Now  Dr. Ben Carson (a Republication Presidential Candidate),  has done the same and has even started an online petition.

Here’s his petition:

“I, like many of you, was sickened when I saw the video of Dr. Deborah Nucatola of Planned Parenthood secretly video taped discussing selling aborted baby parts. I was more than sickened, I was enraged. (Click link to view the film.)

Congress must act NOW! Please sign my petition to Congress demanding that they stop all public funds to Planned Parenthood. I spent my whole life caring for children. What I see in this video is barbaric. Congress must ACT!

We the undersigned insist that our tax dollars not be used in any way with Planned Parenthood in light of their Baby Organ Harvesting Programs. Please act immediately to stop the transfer of federal dollars to Planned Parenthood.”

Then, on Twitter, Dr. Carson asked his followers to support him in his efforts to expose and help defund Planned Parenthood.


From another source is this commentary

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United Nations Resolution Recognise the Traditional Family

Media Release Monday July 13th 2015

The United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva on 3rd July passed a resolution upholding the natural family as the fundamental unit of society.  This monumental resolution in support of traditional family, called upon nations to take concrete steps to protect the family, described in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. “The resolution was passed 29 to 14 with 4 abstentions”.

The resolution recognises that the family is “the natural environment for the growth and well-being of all its members and particularly children,” and that “the family has the primary responsibility for the nurturing and protection of children. This is the second resolution passed in two years by the Council in response to the family being treated as a highly contentious subject by the United Nations.

The resolution urges countries to adopt family-friendly laws and policies, while recognizing that the family unit faces “increasing vulnerabilities,” and calls upon international organizations to give “due consideration” to the family in the establishment of the post-2015 Development Agenda. Both recent resolutions received strong opposition from states and organizations with a pro-“sexual rights” position. The resolution was a rejection of Yogyakarta Principles that have been embraced by many western nations including New Zealand.

The Yogyakarta Principles proponents call themselves “The International Commission of Jurists and the International Service for Human Rights” and define themselves as “experts”. They are a group of 30 sexual rights activists who came together in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, in November 2006 to develop the Yogyakarta Principles, which, in essence, is a wish list of sexual rights relating to orientation and gender identity. The drafters claim these Principles “affirm binding international legal standards with which all States must comply.” Yet the drafters fail to identify the supposed “binding legal standards” on which the Principles are based. Their agenda constitutes one of the greatest current threats to the institution of the family. To date, “sexual orientation” and “gender identity” are not mentioned in any UN treaty or other consensus document, yet there is a concerted effort to push these ‘principles’ on all states.

Parents, school principals and Boards of Trustees should be wary of the contentious gender identity ideology that is being imposed on children.

This radical document seeks to redefine gender and promote governmental and societal recognition, protection and promotion of any kind of sexual behaviour—no matter how harmful. Even more concerning, those who promote the Yogyakarta Principles are seeking to implement them with the force of law. International human rights emanate from international treaties adopted by United Nations Member States. To date, “sexual orientation” and “gender identity” are not mentioned in any UN treaty or other consensus document. In fact, every time sexual orientation and gender identity provisions have been proposed during negotiations for inclusion in UN consensus documents, they have been flatly rejected by the majority of UN Member States.

It is disturbing that New Zealand supports these so called ‘principles’ and Right to Life is determined to expose the harm that such an agenda constitutes to the well being and functioning of our society.

Ken Orr


Right to Life.

Who will protect Our Children from Family Planning?

Right to Life is totally opposed to the new contentious sexuality education guideline that advocates children being taught to give and receive pleasure in sexual intercourse. Right to Life is disappointed but not surprised that Family Planning is at the forefront of support for this latest attack on our children.

It is totally inappropriate for this subject to be dealt with in schools. Why do school children need to discuss this subject in a classroom? It is immoral and seductive, Here we have a clear intention to ‘sexualise’ our children. it will be further encouragement for the young to be promiscuous.

Parents have a right to know why successive governments continue to be guided by Family Planning in what is taught to their children under the guise of the health syllabus. [Read more…]

Right to Life Challenges Proposal to Sterilise Teens to Prevent Pregnancy

image Right to Life challenges the proposal of academics from the University of Otago to have all teenage girls fitted with free contraceptive implants or intrauterine devices (IUD’s), before they become sexually active. They claim the objective is to lower the high number of teenage pregnancies and abortions.

This proposal is not only insulting to young women but is the very worst kind of social engineering. How is it that we can have academics promoting a policy that gives tacit approval to our school children engaging in promiscuous sexual behaviour.  In fact this proposal would seem to us to actively encourage our school kids to be sexually active. It also infers that our children have no self respect, cannot exercise self control and that we cannot trust them.  It is also degrading to teenage boys, for it gives them the clear message that they do not need to respect the dignity of women and be protective of their fertility which is a precious gift from our Creator. Is this the best that we can do for our teenagers?

We are now living in a world in which the most contrary ideologies are spreading to the nature and design of God on the family and on marriage. Why are we not  educating our girls in the knowledge that there is beauty and grandeur in their vocation as women and in marriage and that they have the awesome privilege of cooperating with the Creator in bringing forth new life for the enrichment of the family and society.

Instead of promoting the above knowledge we seek to force on them contraceptives and abortifacients which are a threat to the health of all women. The Jadelle implant is a violent assault on women’s fertility,  is carcinogenic and increases the risk of breast cancer, causes liver dysfunction, thrombosis, high blood pressure, nausea headaches and weight gain. Jadelle also does not protect a woman from sexually transmitted diseases or from Aids.

A woman’s fertility is precious; to be respected and protected. Filling her body with lethal and powerful hormones is like throwing sulphuric acid on a Rembrandt.

Of course if a young girl does get pregnant, Family Planning  are always there to arrange a secret abortion; all of course without the parents knowing.

Family Planning’s chief executive, Jacki Edmond, apparently supports the proposal of the Otago academics, but alarmingly believes there should be even more choice available to school girls. She believes a wider range of contraceptives should be subsidised and access to comprehensive sexuality education widened.

Right to Life believes that ‘Family Planning style’  comprehensive sex education is one of the main problems in the first place and a contributor to our high teenage pregnancy rate and our high abortion statistics.  Family Planning wants our year one school children to be taught about condoms at five years old. It  is Family Planning which wants to ignore the wishes of parents by making comprehensive sex education made compulsory in all schools, with no children allowed to be exempt.  We don’t need more comprehensive sex education in our school. What we need is abstinence sexuality education which produces healthy teenagers.

When is our community going to wake up to the damage that Family Planning is doing to our community? While the Otago academics promoting this move may be well intentioned they are very misguided. The government should reject their proposal. The government should stop listening to and funding Family Planning and  listen instead to the parents of this nation who have their children’s best interests at heart.

Ken Orr


Right to Life.

The Economist backs Belgian model of euthanasia

Editor-in-chief of The Economist, Zanny Minton-Beddoes

This article is a repost by Michael Cook from the ‘Careful’ section of the Mercatornet website.

The world’s most influential news magazine, The Economist, has a new editor-in-chief, Zanny Minton-Beddoes, its former business affairs editor. One of the very first issues on which she has chosen to campaign is the legalization of euthanasia. This week’s cover story is “The right to die: why assisted suicide should be legal”. It is illustrated by a snuffed candle with a smoking wick.

In a podcast Minton-Beddoes says that there are three reasons for her stand. First, asssisted dying is  one of the great moral questions of our time, especially in the light of ageing populations around the world. Second, it fits neatly into The Economist’s philosophy of promoting autonomy and reducing government meddling. And third, public opinion can truly make a difference.

So, this week’s leader (the editorial) contends that while life may be sacred and suffering may confer its own dignity, autonomy is the truest manifestation of human dignity:

The most determined people do not always choose wisely, no matter how well they are counselled. But it would be wrong to deny everyone the right to assisted death for this reason alone. Competent adults are allowed to make other momentous, irrevocable choices: to undergo a sex change or to have an abortion. People deserve the same control over their own death. Instead of dying in intensive care under bright lights and among strangers, people should be able to end their lives when they are ready, surrounded by those they love.

they are urging readers to accept the boldest scheme on offer: Belgium’s euthanasia for almost anyone who asks for it….

[Read more…]

Euthanasia’s open season on the mentally ill

The following post by Wesley J. Smith first appeared in First Things

A few years ago, I spoke about end-of-life care at a town-hall event; it quickly devolved into an intense debate on assisted suicide. When the time came for audience questions, a self-described “mentally ill” woman took the microphone and declared that she had a right to doctor-prescribed death. More than half the audience burst into applause.

Helping the mentally ill commit suicide was unthinkable not long ago. Today, it is a growing practice.

In the Netherlands, for example, psychiatrists legally kill their patients with the approval of colleagues and the culture. Indeed, the Dutch Journal of Psychiatry has encouraged psychiatrists to euthanize patients with severe mental illnesses (corrected Google translation):

Assisted suicide, as a last resort in psychiatry, legally admissible since 2002, has recently been legitimized in practice. The midwife of Death is now appropriate forpsychiatric patients, representing an emancipation of the psychiatric patient and psychiatry itself.

Netherlanders responded positively to their “emancipation”: The number of euthanasia deaths of the mentally ill rose from fourteen in 2012 to forty-two in 2013. Not coincidentally, a just-released study reports that 34 percent of the country’s general practitioners would consider euthanizing a mentally ill patient.

Belgium is even more enthusiastic than the Netherlands about euthanizing those with psychiatric illnesses. The most well-known case is that of Godelieva De Troyer, who was euthanized by oncologist and palliative medicine professor Wim Distelmans. De Troyer did not have cancer; after a lifelong struggle with depression, she consulted with Distelmans (now a famous euthanasia doctor and advocate) for the sole purpose of being made dead.

[Read more…]

Culture of Death Descends on Parliament

UNFPA Representatives of the United Nations Population Fund [UNFPA] and the International Planned Parenthood Federation [IPPF] will descend on Parliament next week to attend a meeting of Pacific Members of Parliament. These organisations are at the forefront of the war on women and the international anti-life agenda to promote contraception, sterilisation and abortion. The secretariat for this assembly is the New Zealand Family Planning Association, [FPA]

The UNFPA and IPPF promote worldwide a culture of death under the guise of promoting a “woman’s right to choose”. This is a lie. The UNFPA, IPPF and its affiliate NZFPA, are complicit in the most horrendous human rights abuses against women that the world has ever known. The Chinese Family Planning Association became an affiliate of IPPF in 1983. The IPPF has funded the Chinese Family Planning Association and has cooperated with it in implementing China’s notorious one child family policy with forced abortions and hidden infanticide. The UNFPA collaborates with the Chinese Family Planning Association in 32 provinces in China. 

[Read more…]

Family Planning Supports Culture of Death and War on Women

 0800abortion2 It is reasonable to assume that the New Zealand Family Planning Association supports the controversial 0800 abortion telephone service recently established by the abortionist Dr Simon Snook (Dr Death]. Right to Life asks when is the government going to cease funding this organisation that is doing so much harm to the community?

Is there any other area of medicine apart from abortion where a doctor will schedule surgery for a patient that he does not know, has not seen or examined and whose medical history he does not have?

Right to Life is opposed to the new 0800 telephone service that Dr Snook, has established to enable women considering an abortion, to have the killing of their child authorised over the phone without the need for a doctor to personally interview the woman. Right to Life believes that the only thing that will be offered for a woman who rings this number is death for her child.  Right to Life believes that Dr Snook has earned the title Dr Death.

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