The following is a guest post by Dr. Philip G. Ney MD and presents practical arguments against euthanasia


Desiring to share eternity with people who chose Him as their best friend, God made humans in His image, to last forever. God’s enemy seeks to destroy His creation from the top down. Although Jesus the Messiah conquered the Devil and death, He has allowed Satan to provide people a choice. It is amazing that so many people chose to serve Satan who promises nothing but a painful end. These benighted people work Satan’s purpose well, especially by making the choice of death to look like a good end. Prolife people must realize that death is always a lethal enemy, never to be accepted but always courageously fought for oneself and one’s fellow humans.

Euthanasia is not a new idea. The Romans practiced assisted death for crucifixion victims that were slowly losing an agonizing battle to stay alive. They thought it was merciful to breaking their victim’s legs, thereby hastening death from suffocation. By dismissing His Spirit, Jesus avoided euthanasia. His example can be followed by God loving people who have finished their course and completed their 10 tasks. (1) Seeing that there is no possibility of avoiding death by any cause they commit their spirit into the hands of a loving Father who in His own time will welcome the person into his eternal presence. This usually avoids the final agonies and death struggle and always comforts about to be executed and dying person.

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Unwanted Children Destroyed –Dare we say Murdered?

Media Release 20th November 2014

Right to Life makes no apology for speaking up in defence of the right to life of the voiceless human embryos who are nameless and who are deemed to be unwanted and surplus to requirements.

More than 2,000 human embryos, stored and frozen, are sentenced to be destroyed –dare we say murdered – from Saturday 22nd November. There are 10,000 embryos in storage in New Zealand. This is an appalling violation of human rights that is sanctioned and funded by the state. They are being destroyed in accordance with the requirements of the Human Assisted Reproductive Technology Act, 2004. The Act requires that human embryos, stored and frozen in the six IVF Clinics in New Zealand must normally be destroyed after ten years. Violence against children starts here. 

IVF comes from the same culture of death as abortion which decides who shall live and2who shall be killed.

What is the status of these human embryos?Human life begins at conception, Human embryos are human beings at the beginning of their life.

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Right to Life OIA Request for information concerning Unlawful Connection

19th November 2013

Abortion Supervisory Committee,

Dear Ms Williams

Official Information Act -Request

The Annual Report of your Committee for 2012 discloses that there were 51 abortions for girls under 15. The age of consent is 16 years of age in New Zealand. It is an offence against the Crimes Act for a person to have sexual connection with a girl under the age of 16. It was also reported that there was one case of incest.

I would be grateful if you would advise me under the Official Information Act, what are the duties of certifying consultants when they believe that a crime has been committed against a girl or woman who is seeking an abortion? How many cases of alleged unlawful connection including incest have been reported by certifying consultants to your Committee in the years 2000 to 2013?

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Right to Life Congratulates the new Leader of the Labour Party

Right to Life congratulates Andrew Little MP, on being elected as the new leader of the Labour Party. This is a very important election as Andrew Little is now a Prime Minister in waiting  His election follows a line of distinguished Labour leaders who have served the Party and our nation with great distinction. Labour was first elected in 1935 under the leadership of Michael Joseph Savage. The first Labour government governed for 14 years until 1949.The Labour government sought justice for workers and for families. It introduced the welfare state with the 40 hour working week, compulsory unionism, the benefit for unmarried pregnant women and many other enlightened legislative moves that promoted a just society.

Right to Life is hopeful that Andrew Little, who has had a distinguished career in the Trade Union movement as the National Secretary of the Engineering, Printing and Manufacturing Union, will now lead the Party back to the noble objectives of the Labour Party when it was founded in Blackball in 1916, which respected the right to life of every human being from conception to natural death.

Right to Life applauds the Labour Party’s policy to “provide leadership to eliminate violence against women and children from the Prime Minister down.”  Right to Life is however, concerned that the Labour Party now has a policy to seek the decriminalisation of abortion which will increase violence against women. This is a policy that will accelerate the war against women and their unborn children.

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Death with Dignity?

image The following podcast is by Greg Koukl on the Stand to Reason website  and concerns Euthanasia. The cast begins at the 1.00 hr mark and listeners will need to slide the counter to that point to hear the talk, which is 23 minutes long.

The podcast is highly recommended by Right to Life and explains in detail why taking your own life ‘with dignity’ is not dignified.

He makes an interesting point talking about what happens in a culture (Eg parts of Europe), when euthanasia is justified in the law. For here the value of human life in itself is trumped by a belief that it is the quality of that life that is paramount.

It is Cheaper to Kill Patients than to Care for them

Dr Els Borst Former Minister of Health, Netherlands

Right to Life Media Release 14 November 2014

Labour MP Iain Lees-Galloway who is now reconsidering his proposal to resubmit the “End of Life Choice” bill to the ballot, is quoted in the Manawatu Standard on 13 November as saying; that he acknowledged the importance of palliative care and believed the bill “absolutely” did not  undermine it (palliative care), ”Instead it gave everyone a choice.

This is an important statement; Right to Life challenges it, for it is simply untrue.

“If euthanasia and assisted suicide were legalized, this would adversely affect the priority and need placed on the development of palliative care standards and norms of practice already developed. Expert palliative care requires a commitment of health care dollars.
Euthanasia and assisted suicide is a financial, moral and ethical abdication of the duty of care for the most vulnerable in our community. With financial efficiency and expedience a health care priority, these killing methods may be irresistibly attractive in a system strapped for money and resources. Doctors and nurses should not be killers.

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Who will lead the Labour Party in defending life?

Michael Joseph Savage

Media Release 11 November 2014

Right to Life commends Andrew Little for opposing  the controversial Private Member’s  “End of Life Choice” bill being returned to the ballot. Right to Life also commends David Parker for his opposition for euthanasia and this bill. We are also pleased that Iain Lees-Galloway MP, for Palmerston North, has now stepped back from his previous public commitment to resubmit this bill to the ballot and is now wisely giving further consideration to it’s submission.

Right to Life is disappointed that two other contenders for the leadership of the Labour Party, Grant Robinson and Nanaia Mahuta, have expressed support for this bill to be resubmitted to the ballot. This bill which is part of a culture of death, undermines the sanctity of life of the vulnerable and defenceless and has no place in Parliament.

The “end of Life Choice “ bill is a threat to the lives of the most vulnerable members of our community, the aged, the disabled, the handicapped and the terminally ill. Right to Life fully supports the right of every New Zealander to die with dignity, provided with love and the excellent palliative that is available in New Zealand. Right to Life fully supports the ethics of the medical profession which is totally opposed to doctors being required to kill their patients or assist in their suicide.  [Read more…]

Woman Reveals Intense Suffering Caused by Norplant Abortifacient

The following is a re-post of an article from the Popluation Research Institute Website first published Nov 6 2014.

True story #1 in PRI’s ongoing series of “How I Survived Population Control”

You’re about to read a brief summary of what one Egyptian women experienced when she used Norplant – silicon capsules implanted under the skin that shut down a woman’s reproductive system for up to five years. This is not pleasant reading.

This woman’s story – we’ll call her “Bahana” to protect her privacy – is part of an explosive study by an Egyptian-American medical anthropologist who has taught at MIT, Michigan State University, Tufts University as well as universities in Egypt. Here is Bahana’s story . . .

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Labour MP, Iain Lees-Galloway proposes legislation to allow Doctors to Kill their Patients or Assist in their suicide

Media Release 8th November 2014
Iain Lees-Galloway

Iain Lees-Galloway

medical murder Right to Life is disappointed that Labour MP, Iain Lees-Galloway has publicly announced that he is preparing to resubmit to the ballot the highly controversial Private Member’s bill ‘End of Life Choice’ bill  of the defeated Labour MP, Maryan Street. It is understood that the bill will not be amended and that it has wide support among the Labour caucus.  Right to Life calls on the members of the Labour caucus to rather than promote a  culture of death, to promote a culture of life by treating this vile bill with the contempt that it deserves. Have not the Labour Party been already given a clear message from the electorate at the recent election?  The Labour Party was proudly founded an on ethos of protecting human life and the vulnerable and defenceless. Why then in recent years has the Labour Party it been taken over by those who seek to take away the right to life of those most at risk?

Mr Lees-Gallowy, the community did not elect you to Parliament with a mandate to deliberate on how we could be legally murdered.

It is disappointing that the Labour caucus appear to have forgotten that the  primary duty of government is to legislate to protect the right to life of all  members of the community and not to legislate for their destruction. Those who seek to govern who do not accept this fundamental principle disqualify themselves from governing. This noxious bill is a poison chalice. It would be the height of folly for the Labour caucus to allow this evil bill to be placed back in the ballot. Should this happen Right to Life predicts that the first casualty of this bill will sadly again be the Labour Party who will face an even greater decline in  support at the next election and will be punished by being relegated to a fourth term in opposition.

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Dying with dignity – really?


The following is a re-post from the website of Alex Schadenberg, the  Director of the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition International. This post has been written by Kevin Fitzpatrick the Spokesperson/Convener of the Not Dead Yet UK Campaign.   Reads..

Death is not an event in life, like marriage, or buying your first car or home, not even like losing a limb. It is not a catastrophe to be ‘cured’ or fixed or accommodated going forward. Death is the end of all the possibilities of life. It is both more terrible and more important than injuries suffered in a car accident, or the suffering a cancer brings. We have lost that sense of its importance.
We live in a time when we are constantly bombarded by atrocities from across the globe. We say ‘life is cheap’ when what we really mean is that death is, when our sense of what it is for a human being, any human being, to die, is corrupted beyond repair. We have lost any sense of the ‘terrible beauty’ that Leon and Jill Uris photographed in Ireland in the 1970s, that even in such horrific and deadly circumstances there can still be something there for us to find profound, even beautiful. We only count death now as a degrading ‘failure’, as though we can and should be able to defeat it, if we only worked a little harder, did a bit more research.

Death has become the cheapest of all commodities and dying is our new atrocity in western, wealthy cultures where the luxury of false ‘choice’ exists. Dying has become an abomination, in which we are supposed to be absolutely and irrevocably excluded from the new alchemists’ panacea…dignity.
So Brittany Maynard, faced with dying in a way she found unacceptable, has committed suicide with the help of the state of Oregon. There are so many questions left unresolved by her final act – would there have been any kind of dying she might have found acceptable? is it really so simple ‘Her life her choice?’ are there no concerns about how she has used her dying to promote a cause?

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