ALRANZ Push for Decriminalisation of Abortion Seeks Abortion on Demand for Any Reason Up to Birth


Sunday Star Times.

Dear Sir

Re 12 January. Firstly Dr Healey is not a medical practitioner. Dr Morgan Healey claims that abortions are safe, why does she ignore the real grief and suffering inflicted on women by the loss of their child? She infers that the Abortion Law Reform Association represents the women of New Zealand, it does not.  ALRANZ has a national membership of less than 100 members indicating minimal support. ALRANZ  seeks the decriminalisation of abortion. This would entail the  removal of legal protection for the human rights of unborn children, the weakest and most defenceless members of the human family. The public should be warned that ALRANZ wants to remove abortion from the Crimes Act with the killing of the unborn child no longer being a crime. Abortion would be available on demand for the whole nine months of pregnancy for any reason or no reason. There are 200 million women missing in the world, the result of sex selection abortions. This is the ultimate discrimination against women for it victimises two women, the mother and her daughter in the womb. The discrimination is compounded for many of these abortions are  forced on  women who want to protect their daughter. Why does ALRANZ support sex selection abortions?

Yours faithfully

Ken Orr


Right to Life,

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