Family Planning Misleading New Zealand Women of Abortifacient Action of Jadelle Contraceptive Implants

Media Release -  10 August 2013

A Conspiracy of Silence – Family Planning

The Family Planning Association staff are inserting Jadelle implants into the arms of women in violation of their Health rights. Those rights are enshrined  in the Health and Disability Act 2000. The rights are,  Right 6, Right to be fully informed. Right 7,the Right to Make an Informed Choice and Give Informed Consent.

An estimated 40,000 women in New Zealand have had the Long Acting Reversible Contraceptive [LARC] Jadelle implants inserted into their arms since the implants were fully funded by the government in 2010. Many of these women did so in the belief that the implants were solely a contraceptive. They have been cruelly and deliberately deceived for the implant is not only a contraceptive but is also an abortifacient, that is, that it not only prevents new life but  it destroys new life. The implant is not health care. 

The Jardelle implant is manufactured by the pharmaceutical manufacturer, Bayer Pharma. Its web site states that the Jardelle implant works firstly by inhibiting the release of the egg,  stopping it maturing, secondly by changing the cervical mucus consistency thus making it more difficult for sperm to reach the egg, thirdly by suppressing the endometrium which may prevent implantation of the blastocyst. This third action thus causes the destruction of a new human being at the beginning of its life.

The web site of the New Zealand Family Planning Association provides information for health consumers on the Jadelle implant, under the heading,” How do they work”, it states  that:

“Implants can stop the body from releasing an egg each month. They also thicken the mucus in the cervix so that sperm cannot travel up to meet an egg.”  There is absolutely no information on Family Planning’s web site on the abortifacient action of this lethal drug, why is this?

Human life begins at conception and every human being is a unique and unrepeatable miracle of God’s loving creation, deserving of our respect and protection. The Jadelle implant has a tertiary action of preventing a newly conceived tiny human being from implanting in its mother’s womb. Research reveals that a woman with a Jadelle implant may have one or two  chemical abortions each year.

Family Planning are asking women and the community to accept the destruction of an estimated forty to eighty thousand human beings in the womb each year in preference to having them killed in a hospital or clinic by medical or surgical abortions. Every life is precious whether it is only several days old or 20 weeks old. Every abortion is violence against women and their unborn. These implants are an assault on women’s fertility and a denial of the right to life of the innocent and most defenceless members of the human family.

The Jadelle implants are instruments of a culture of death. The cost of an implant is $300. The government to its shame, is funding this campaign to sterilise the women of New Zealand. It is estimated that the government has wasted $12 million to date on this campaign.  Like the killing of children in the womb, it has unlimited government funding. The long suffering taxpayers of New Zealand should be outraged and ask why is this money not put into genuine health services that promote health and protect life. Why is the Ministry of Health continuing to promote a culture of death? Why to does the government continue to fund Family Planning that seduces our teenagers and which does so much damage in our community?

Right to Life requests that Family Planning respect the right of women to be fully informed and to give an informed consent. Family Planning should:

· Rectify its previous failure to comply with this legal obligation by endeavouring to contact their clients who have received a Jadelle implant and to inform them of the abortifacient action of the implant.

· Ensure that this legal obligation is upheld with future clients seeking a Jadelle implant.

· Immediately correct the information contained in the Family Planning pamphlet on the implant and on its web site.

Ken Orr


Right to Life.


  1. Marie says

    Perhaps this article could be sent out as a memo to all the pregnancy help centres around NZ who are unwittingly supporting this form of chemical abortion by offering Jadelle promotional pamphlets to their clients.

    • says

      Thank you for drawing our attention to the action of Pregnancy Help centres promoting the Jadelle implants. Our executive will give serious consideration to your suggestion that we approach them to advise them of the abortifacient nature of the implants.

      Right to Life exec

  2. Katie Ervine says

    OH MY GOODNESS. Seriously? Let me tell you something; a baby cannot even have a simple thing called ‘object permanence’ until around the age of them being able to support their own bodies. They don’t have thoughts, or dreams, or anything.
    Stop throwing your religious weight around and mucking up the lives of women. For some reason, people think that it is so awful to kill a fetus; that they’re killing God’s little creation, but what you don’t see is those people actually helping the mother care for the child afterwards, and if you really cared so much, put that effort into something useful, like funding the starving children all around the world…
    Wait, sorry. I forgot. You don’t care once the kid is breathing, because your stuck up point of veiw just will not stand for killing some poor little fetus child, and that’s all you have the effort and energy to do!!!
    There is also a thing called BODY AUTONOMY. It means that your body is yours. Hell, even once you are dead, they cannot remove your organs even to save the life of a dying child if you haven’t legally said ‘yes’. Even then, your family could say no.
    …Have you ever taken a biology lesson? The sperm meets the egg and then the egg is fertilised, creating a zygote. This microscopic formation of cells holds the genetic code to making a baby. That does not make it a baby. An embryo will form within 3 weeks. This is not a baby. At week five, the cells divide and start performing different functions. Not a baby… Between the 5-7 week period, the brain and spinal cord develop, and the heart. But the brain doesn’t have the connections, the synapses, anything, to be called human. There is no life in something that cannot sustain itself, he’ll, the brain is still a glimpse of a mushy muddled thing. Arm and leg buds grow… And growth continues. Week ten is where I will allow you to call it a baby. It has most if not all of the vital organs, and can be called a fetus. The baby will not move until is is nearly 12 weeks old. That’s around 3-4 months. That’s a long time.
    I would dearly like to know just why you think this mushy not alive chance formation of genetic material and brain matter is a baby. Because it is not.
    And tell me just what about abortions, and this form of contraception is so wrong.
    Because if you think a zygote is worth saving… Then you better start yelling at all the teenage boys who let their sperm die in tissues and socks, or girls who have the audacity to let their eggs just die, and that nice soft uterus bleed every month when they held the potential to be a baby!
    Grow up. It’s not the fifties anymore.

    • says

      Dear Katie,
      Human life begins at conception. This is a settled scientific fact. If this was not correct then some of your argument would be valid. Once human life at any stage is threatened, all human life is at risk.
      Human sperm is not a new human being. No new life is present in the male sperm. However once conception has occurred than a new human being is fully present.
      Kind regards,
      Right to Life Admin

  3. Amie says

    The normal ” contraceptive pill” does this exact thing too. Firstly preventing the egg from being released- on average they say 75% of the time this works and the 25% that gets released are prevented from attaching to the womb. A fertilised egg( a baby) can b up to 7 days old – trying to attach but failing( because of the more sinister part of the pills ingredients. So the average lady on the pill is unknowingly aborting at LEast every year on average just like the jadelle users. I didn’t believe this when I found out but asked my midwife at the time and she said it is true. .

  4. Nicole says

    I just want to say that I have had 2 premature baby’s with my second baby I almost died having him he was 3 months early weighing 825grms. the doctors told me that if I had left going into hospital any later then they don’t know what would of happened to me and my baby. with this they said that this situation is always going to happen but it will get be worse. Every time, either I would die or the baby would die so medically I cant have anymore children. so I needed something to help me be able to stick around for my two beautiful children and not leave them motherless. so I got the jadelle. and its perfect for me I haven’t killed any babies I have been getting my period like every other woman gets the jadelle is doing what it is suppose to do and stopping me from falling pregnant. WHY DONT YOU THINK ABOUT THE WOMAN THAT HAVE REAL REASONS TO HAVE CONTRECEPTION SUCH AAS MYSELF CAUSE I KNOW I DONT WANT TO DIE I WANT TO SEE MY TWO CHILDREN GROW THATS WHAT I WANT AND BY HAVING THE JADELLE THATS EXSACLY WHAT IM DOING THANK YOU VERY MUCH BUT NOT ONLY THAT I AM PROTECTING ANYMORE CHILDREN I MAY HAVE FALLING PREGNANT WITH FROM DYING HENCE MY MEDICAL REASON ABOVE. WATCH WHAT YOU SAY BECAUSE FOR PEOPLE LIKE ME ITS GOING TO BE OFFENSIVE

    • says

      Hello Nicole,

      Your comment on our Jadelle article is one that we would like to answer fully. We will be responding to your heartfelt comment as soon as we can.


      Right to Life Admin

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