Family Planning Misleading New Zealand Women of Abortifacient Action of Jadelle Contraceptive Implants

Media Release –  10 August 2013

A Conspiracy of Silence – Family Planning

Right to Life has on 2nd November 2014  made a new media release on this topic

FLI post on Jadelle

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The Family Planning Association staff are inserting Jadelle implants into the arms of women in violation of their Health rights. Those rights are enshrined  in the Health and Disability Act 2000. The rights are,  Right 6, Right to be fully informed. Right 7,the Right to Make an Informed Choice and Give Informed Consent.


An estimated 40,000 women in New Zealand have had the Long Acting Reversible Contraceptive [LARC] Jadelle implants inserted into their arms since the implants were fully funded by the government in 2010. Many of these women did so in the belief that the implants were solely a contraceptive. They have been cruelly and deliberately deceived for the implant is not only a contraceptive but is also an abortifacient, that is, that it not only prevents new life but  it destroys new life. The implant is not health care.


The Jardelle implant is manufactured by the pharmaceutical manufacturer, Bayer Pharma. Its web site states that the Jardelle implant works firstly by inhibiting the release of the egg,  stopping it maturing, secondly by changing the cervical mucus consistency thus making it more difficult for sperm to reach the egg, thirdly by suppressing the endometrium which may prevent implantation of the blastocyst. This third action thus causes the destruction of a new human being at the beginning of its life.

The web site of the New Zealand Family Planning Association provides information for health consumers on the Jadelle implant, under the heading,” How do they work”, it states  that:


“Implants can stop the body from releasing an egg each month. They also thicken the mucus in the cervix so that sperm cannot travel up to meet an egg.”  There is absolutely no information on Family Planning’s web site on the abortifacient action of this lethal drug, why is this?


Human life begins at conception and every human being is a unique and unrepeatable miracle of God’s loving creation, deserving of our respect and protection. The Jadelle implant has a tertiary action of preventing a newly conceived tiny human being from implanting in its mother’s womb. Research reveals that a woman with a Jadelle implant may have one or two  chemical abortions each year.


Family Planning are asking women and the community to accept the destruction of an estimated forty to eighty thousand human beings in the womb each year in preference to having them killed in a hospital or clinic by medical or surgical abortions. Every life is precious whether it is only several days old or 20 weeks old. Every abortion is violence against women and their unborn. These implants are an assault on women’s fertility and a denial of the right to life of the innocent and most defenceless members of the human family.


The Jadelle implants are instruments of a culture of death. The cost of an implant is $300. The government to its shame, is funding this campaign to sterilise the women of New Zealand. It is estimated that the government has wasted $12 million to date on this campaign.  Like the killing of children in the womb, it has unlimited government funding. The long suffering taxpayers of New Zealand should be outraged and ask why is this money not put into genuine health services that promote health and protect life. Why is the Ministry of Health continuing to promote a culture of death? Why to does the government continue to fund Family Planning that seduces our teenagers and which does so much damage in our community?


Right to Life requests that Family Planning respect the right of women to be fully informed and to give an informed consent. Family Planning should:


· Rectify its previous failure to comply with this legal obligation by endeavouring to contact their clients who have received a Jadelle implant and to inform them of the abortifacient action of the implant.


· Ensure that this legal obligation is upheld with future clients seeking a Jadelle implant.


· Immediately correct the information contained in the Family Planning pamphlet on the implant and on its web site.


Ken Orr


Right to Life.


  1. Marie says

    Perhaps this article could be sent out as a memo to all the pregnancy help centres around NZ who are unwittingly supporting this form of chemical abortion by offering Jadelle promotional pamphlets to their clients.

    • says

      Thank you for drawing our attention to the action of Pregnancy Help centres promoting the Jadelle implants. Our executive will give serious consideration to your suggestion that we approach them to advise them of the abortifacient nature of the implants.

      Right to Life exec

    • roseanne says

      Then tell me y is it OK to have an abortion after 20 weeks that is killing a new life ? Right.. I got informed that it will reject my baby if I fall pregnant on it .but y make this so bad when its not!!!

      • says

        Hello Roseanne,

        We are not sure why you think it is OK to have an abortion after 20 weeks.
        We can not agree that the destruction of human life caused by Jadelle is an acceptable. We believe that human life is precious at all stages of life, from conception to natural death.

        • Sita says

          I agree with you.. I am
          On Jadalle as I type… I’ve had problems while being on it.. Pain in my lower stomach area, sharp pain.. and I’ve bled for almost everyday (heavy) I planned to get it taken out but Family
          Planning talked me into taking pills aswell
          While being on Jadalle to see if I will stop bleeding, it worked for about
          A month or two?.. now I’m
          Getting blood clot… Real heavy and dark/thick I talked to my friend who is also
          On it too and learnt that Jadalle kills the fetus :(
          Taking this out as soon as possible. I do not accept or agree with Abortion… If I did, I wouldn’t have met my beautiful daughter whom I have today and is now 3 years of age. I’m trying hard to be happy in life (not trying to gain likes or trouble) but the truth I speak… happy sex life and also playing it safe right? I didn’t know about this whole thing… Thank you for sharing..

  2. Tahlia says

    How do we (women with jadelle) know whether or not this has happened to us during our time with having Jadelle as contraception? Are there any signs or symptoms when this occurs?

      • Tayla says

        I think she means that since these women are presumably using this product to prevent pregnancy, many of them would perhaps not see the issue here? Regardless of whether it has an abortifacient it is still doing it’s job and preventing pregnancy.

        Don’t get me wrong, I fully believe in informed consent, I’m just trying to explain the point she may be getting at.

    • says

      Hello Indys,

      So perhaps you would like to tell us how mentioning God actually invalidates the facts that we have presented here?


      Right to Life admin

        • MA says

          It’s from a Christian perspective, but still if it’s true, it’s concerning – most people I think wouldn’t fully understand how normal contraception works, and before pumping drugs into your body, you need to be. Some women may be religious or have values that may mean it’s fine to be on contraception that prevents conception, but not contraception that in any way destroys after conception, and if they’re not told that this is essentially what some methods of contraception like jadelle do, then you can’t call it a fully informed choice to go on it.

      • Laura says

        What consequences ? If you don’t want to get pregnant , then the jadelle is doing its job . If you are strongly against abortion to the point that you cannot bear with the thought of losing a few cells that perhaps one day may of turned into a child , then that should be your responsibility to research what form of contraceptive fits with your views .

        • says

          Well Laura, I guess you might want to reflect that there was a time when you were once “those few cells’ you so dismissively refer to. Right to Life believes that woman are not being informed of the abortifacient action of Jadelle and to re-dress that is the purpose of this post.

  3. says

    I had this removed and got pregnant within weeks. Before having a proper period. And lost my baby at 9 weeks. Even though I was taking all my pregnancy pills. Had a healthy lifestyle and only being 21. No answers as to why… And then I read this… I will always ask myself why. And always blame my social worker I had 3 years before this that pretty much forced me to get this contraceptive even though I didn’t want to. I am disgusted.

    • says

      Hello Jordan,
      Our apologize for taking so long to reply to your comment.

      We are deeply sorry that you lost your much wanted child at 9 weeks. I suspect that you believe that the Jadelle implant was responsible for your loss. It is sad that you feel that you were coerced into having the Jadelle implant. I believe that as a society we can do better for women than encouraging them to fill their bodies with dangerous drugs, when the long term consequences for the health of women and their future children are just not known.

      Right to Life Admin

      • jordenr says

        I was only 18 after my first she literally forced me to get it. I had all the signs of being pregnant a year ago then had very heavy bleeding a few weeks after due to irregular bleeding i assumed this was a bad period. I now think otherwise. I had had a missed miscarriage so didn’t know until the spotting started at 12 weeks. Most devastating thing i have ever dealt with. I am so obsessed with this topic, not just because i miscarried. But because i had my baby on the driveway before bleeding out, having seizures going into shock and my heart stopping for 2 minutes in front of my 3 year old. That was traumatizing for him. Maybe looking for someone/Something to blame. But hey. When you see stuff like this. Why wouldn’t you?? I back you, and this up 100% keep it up.

        • says

          Hello Jordenr,

          Thank you for your comments and we are sorry that you had to go through so much. We hope things are better for you now.

          Kind Regards,

          Right to Life Admin

  4. Nena says

    This is what is says in the Jadelle leaflet as per the website.

    “Jadelle is a contraceptive implant, used to prevent pregnancy. Contraceptive implants such
    as Jadelle are for long term (up to five years) use.
    The implants contain a synthetic hormone, levonorgestrel, which is also one of the active
    ingredients used in many oral contraceptives. Immediately after the insertion of Jadelle
    implants, low doses of the hormone start to be released continuously into your body. Jadelle
    prevents pregnancy through a combination of mechanisms. The most important of these are
    inhibition of the egg release by stopping it maturing and changing the cervical mucus
    consistency, making it more difficult for sperm to reach the egg. Other mechanisms may also
    be involved.”

    OTHER MECHANISMS MAY ALSO BE INVOLVED, but no specific mention of them. The right to be fully informed is taken away at the source – in the information leaflet of all places! -_-

    • says

      Hello Nena,

      This is exactly the point. Right to Life is very concerned that New Zealand women are not being given the opportunity of being fully informed and this is simply not good enough. We ask what else are they also being kept in the dark about?


      Right to Life admin

  5. Gemma says

    I would just like to point out that people who have the Jadelle implant don’t want to get pregnant in the first place, which is why they’re on contraception. Maybe the company should have told it’s users/buyers about what can happen at the tertiary stage, but it still doesn’t go against the reason for this product – to stop people from getting pregnant. Choice is something every human being has, they can choose what they would like to do with themselves. If someone doesn’t want to have a baby it should be there choice to not have one. These beliefs that an unborn fetus has the same mental capacity as an adult is just downright stupid. Human children are completely unable to look after themselves until they are about 10 years old. As babies we are completely incapable when you compare us to the young of the animal world. This only further proves that as a baby, and an unborn one at that, we do not have the same mental capacity as an adult. To think that an unborn fetus is the same as an adult is just ludicrous because if you do a comparison not even the physical qualities are the same. I would just like you to think about what you are trying to promote because the ideals you hold are completely medieval and have no place in our modern society. People shouldn’t have to feel embarrassed about what they choose and yet all pro-life supporters make these people feel horrible about themselves. If you are going to support all human beings maybe you should start by not causing the humans, that are already around today, a lot of hurt and pain through your actions and your words. Every one deserves to have a choice, but the only people who are able to make conscious choice’s are the ones have been born, an unborn fetus is not an equal to a human being and that is a plain and simple fact. Not being able to see and comprehend the differences between a fetus and a child only further discredits your cause. When an eighteen year old has more scope than an executive it only shows what narrow-minded people run various groups and companies. Anyone who believes in taking away a human being’s choice is someone who believes in an altered reality. You take away someones right to choose you might as well be supporting something criminal. Maybe pro-life should be considered criminal because taking away someone’s right to choose what to do with their own body is immoral. Whether they want to be on contraception, or to have an abortion, or not to have an abortion, or even to not have sex, taking away someones choice – someones right – is taking away what they believe in. We all have the right to choose. It doesn’t matter what you choose, but having that choice – having that choice is essential. Without choice you make room for a society that only has one path – a path to destruction and it all starts without choice.

    • says

      Hello Gemma,

      We agree somewhat with you when you say that everyone has the right to ‘choice’. Although we might qualify that by saying there are choices we make which affect others and hence not all things we choose to do to ourselves are harmless. Our NZ society is we believe plagued in fact by a cult of choice. Choice is everywhere and in this new paradigm we have created ‘my rights over-ride my responsibilities.’

      We totally agree with you that everyone should be free to have or not have a baby. That is up to the point of conception. After that there is a second human being to consider and we do not believe in the right to kill that new human being because it is not convenient.

      We do not believe or have nowhere said that an unborn child has the mental capacity of an adult. Does the fact of the ‘lesser mental capacity’ of the unborn though mean we should be free to kill an unborn baby girl? Does that make her any less human? If you argued on those lines you would have to agree that it is OK to kill a 5 year old because they certainly don’t have the mental capacity of an adult either.

      Does a human beings incapacity to look after themselves make them any less human? Is it any more OK for them to be targeted for destruction. If you argued this way then surely people in a coma would have no rights. What about the aged and infirm?

      You say that our cause of working to protect the lives of the unborn are causing you embarrassment about your choices. Well perhaps you need to look at those choices in the light of the arguments we are presenting Gemma. For too long people have been ignoring the silent holocaust of our unborn.

      Behind a lot of the comments on this website we hear a lot of pain, grief and loss. Our purpose is not to cause feelings of guilt but to expose the wrong of abortion. It is only by bringing what abortion actually is and does out into the light that people will be able to see it for what it is and find healing.

      Rather than us all having the right to chose to do what we want we would argue that there are many things that we can not be allowed to chose and taking the life of an unborn child is one of them. None of us should be free to take the life of another, whether that life is hidden in the womb from public view or born.

      We believe in the right to life of all humans beings from conception until natural death. Once that principle has been broached then, as we are now beginning to see in the relentless push for euthanasia, infanticide and other forms of killing quickly take over.


      Right to Life Admin

      • right to abort says

        When you say second human being inside you… Do you mean alil tadpol with a tail that has no thought process? You say on conception there is another human? What a joke. As for the “right over responsibility” you only take on a responsibility once that child is born. I have a right and a responsibility to take care of myself and my future and if a little tadpoll worm sperm gets in the way of that then I’d squash it before it has a conscious thought process. Anyway “right to life” if you take away somes freedom of abortion then you take away another human beings right to there life. It cost on average between $150,000 to 300,000 to raise a child to 18. That is a lot of money. Would you like a child born into povity and have a poor life. That’s what happens in Africa because of little contraception! Now look…….overpopulation disease….malnutrition…. Ebola…!

        • says

          Hello ‘Right to Abort’,
          No we do not mean a tadpole. We guess you are referring to a human sperm. A sperm or egg is not a new human being. Can we ask what you think is created when sperm and egg fuse? A new life is created. If it is not a new human life may we respectfully ask you what sort of life is it? A frog?
          Yes you have a right and a responsibility to take care of yourself. Right to Life believes however that it is morally and ethically wrong to deliberately kill innocent human beings from conception to natural death. A ‘tadpole worm sperm’ (as we have already said) is not a human being and will never ever get to develop thought processes. It is only after conception that a human life is present and yes this new life will develop thought processes if allowed to grow, ie if it is not aborted. We acknowledge that many human zygotes and embryos are spontaneously aborted but do not believe that is our right to take a new life when it proves inconvenient or even problematic.
          You make the statement, “If you take way some(ones) freedom of abortion then you take away another human being right to their life.” What would be taken away would yes be some choices from that persons life. They may not be able to live exactly as they intended to do before getting pregnant but even if the mother did not wish to bring up the child there are very many people who would long just to do that. Adoption is the answer not killing.
          As Mother Theresa said, “It is a poverty to decide that a child must die so that you may live as you wish.” . Right to Life believes that children are our greatest resource.
          As for your argument that children born into less than auspicious circumstances lead to the conditions you mention in closing -you are drawing a very long bow here. It is interesting that people who believe that children born in poor conditions would be better off dead always seem to be those who are born into ‘relative’ luxury.

          Right to Life Admin

      • Kat says

        This statement is nothing more than a personal opinion. Who are you to judge those of us who have had to make that decision to have an abortion?
        Do you honestly think it’s an easy choice to make?

        I’ve had two. The first one, I was only the pill and I was with my partner for only 3 weeks before I was pregnant. We decided not to keep it because I was only 20 at the time and he was 21, financially we had no way to support a baby, We did not have our own home or a career, we barely new each other, and were in no way mentally and emotionally ready.
        The second one was much harder as I was further along than what I had initially thought. But we had to go through with it. I was still taking the pill. So it’s not like I’m using abortion as a contraceptive.` I’ve since gotten the jadelle and have had NO problems with it. No strange bleeding, no nothing.
        It killed us. It was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do, but I know I did the right thing. I wouldn’t cruelly bring a child into the world if I couldn’t look after it.

        I once knew a twelve year old girl who got pregnant to her own father. Would you expect a little girl to have and raise a baby? Would you expect a little girl to have to go through the trauma of having to adopt a baby out? Let along a baby that was also a sibling? Imagine how her mother would have felt if she had to help a child raise a child.

        People like you annoy me. You spout all this anti-abortion crap without knowing any facts about their situation.
        You have NO RIGHT to tell women their decisions were wrong or cruel, and you have no right to judge any of us.

        We have the right to choose what to do with our own bodies. Our decisions do not directly affect you, especially those of us you don’t even know, so butt out and mind your own business.

        As for this article about the jadelle..
        It’s laughable!

        I’d just like to clarify the point of is to prevent pregnancy, just in case you weren’t aware of this. Because sorry, but you seem to be missing the point of a contraceptive.

        That’s the whole reason they get it. Your article is an opinion, and the only fact in it is that some women are not fully informed of it’s properties. All of these ‘secret facts’ that people go on about, I was actually told in full by my doctor. If he was shady about it, I wouldn’t have gotten it. He was realistic and told me all the possible side effects, long term and short term. It was my choice to get it. It doesn’t directly impact on your life, so what’s the issue?

        There is none. You are being a typical closed minded idiot like those morons that stand outside the Hastings hospital. Stop pretending like you give a shit about the jadelle, because it’s obvious you are simply against abortion.

        Sure, you are entitled to your opinion. That’s perfectly fine, just like the rest of the world.
        However, if you are going to try and enforce it on other people, expect some extremely negative backlash.

        You’re obviously religious and that is your choice. I will NEVER tell a Christian or catholic or whatever that their religion is wrong, simply because I don’t believe in god. I have no right to say anything like that. It doesn’t affect me or my life.

        Just as you have no right to say that a woman’s decision to not have a child is wrong, be it through contraception or abortion. It doesn’t affect you or your life.

        I am not a baby killer. I so wish you were standing in front of me right now so I could just straight slap you. Don’t even try to compare this to a toddler either. That’s just stupid.

        • says

          Hello Kat,

          Yes, abortion is the easy way out for anyone with an inconvenient pregnancy.
          Yes, we are entitled to voice our viewpoint as you voice yours.
          We don’t need to know anyone’s reasons. Your excuses or justifications are your own business.
          Your decision however hard, did not kill you. It killed the baby you were carrying.
          We do have the right and an obligation to defend these innocent children because they are not “your bodies” – they are their own selves.
          No-one who carries and births a baby should consider themselves the sole owner/guardian of that unique life with the power to destroy it simply because they perceive they are incapable of being a parent at that time.
          Preventing fertilisation is the contraceptive action of the Jadelle. But once fertilisation occurs a new life has begun. Therefore deliberate destruction of that life is abortion.
          Our website information simply clarifies what the Jadelle does which many women are not aware of. Obviously it won’t change your mind but we believe many would choose another way to prevent fertilisation that does not involve an abortifacient effect if they know the truth. Everyone is entitled to all relevant information to make an informed consent. If you are willing to risk the other side effects on your own body such as migration of the implant, weight gain, mood changes etc that is your own business. Our organisation chooses to defend the right to life of another human being however young or old, perfect or disabled, convenient or unwanted. This is a human rights issue. Spiritual beliefs or the lack of them simply support whichever viewpoint we already stand in.
          God, the giver of Life – a precious gift – has declared “thou shalt not kill”. You will be facing Him one day with your reasons/excuses. That is between you and Him. He is the judge because he knows your heart. He knows the heart and culpability of a twelve year old and her advisors/enforcers too. Only He can judge fairly – not me or this organisation, not you.
          God gave us all a conscience which is a sense of what is ‘right and wrong’. This is what produces ‘guilt’ in our minds – that conviction that we have sinned. Only God can take that guilt away by his forgiveness. Anyone who admits their guilt/sin, then repents, and accepts Christ’s atonement can have this forgiveness and be healed. That is your decision/choice. God also administers judgement – on individuals and communities. If we ignore this level of sin (since 1977 almost half a million babies have been killed by abortion in our country) then we can expect to reap what we have sewn. So it does affect us all.

          We pray that you will come to that place of forgiveness and healing so that you won’t hurt anymore.


          Right to Life Admin

          • WAKEUP! says

            But you never answered her question about the 12uear old girl having a child with her father! She’s 100% right! You cannot understand for you have never been there! Do you think a 12year old girl should have to give birth to her own fathers child/her sibling? How is that right? Funny how you only answer the easy questions. Never have an answer to the hard questions!

          • says

            Yes a 12 year old child who is raped by her father is extremely tragic. Are you though holding this up as some sort of justification for the violent dismembering torture murder of millions of unborn children worldwide every year? Wakeup!
            Right to Life Admin

  6. Katie Ervine says

    OH MY GOODNESS. Seriously? Let me tell you something; a baby cannot even have a simple thing called ‘object permanence’ until around the age of them being able to support their own bodies. They don’t have thoughts, or dreams, or anything.
    Stop throwing your religious weight around and mucking up the lives of women. For some reason, people think that it is so awful to kill a fetus; that they’re killing God’s little creation, but what you don’t see is those people actually helping the mother care for the child afterwards, and if you really cared so much, put that effort into something useful, like funding the starving children all around the world…
    Wait, sorry. I forgot. You don’t care once the kid is breathing, because your stuck up point of veiw just will not stand for killing some poor little fetus child, and that’s all you have the effort and energy to do!!!
    There is also a thing called BODY AUTONOMY. It means that your body is yours. Hell, even once you are dead, they cannot remove your organs even to save the life of a dying child if you haven’t legally said ‘yes’. Even then, your family could say no.
    …Have you ever taken a biology lesson? The sperm meets the egg and then the egg is fertilised, creating a zygote. This microscopic formation of cells holds the genetic code to making a baby. That does not make it a baby. An embryo will form within 3 weeks. This is not a baby. At week five, the cells divide and start performing different functions. Not a baby… Between the 5-7 week period, the brain and spinal cord develop, and the heart. But the brain doesn’t have the connections, the synapses, anything, to be called human. There is no life in something that cannot sustain itself, he’ll, the brain is still a glimpse of a mushy muddled thing. Arm and leg buds grow… And growth continues. Week ten is where I will allow you to call it a baby. It has most if not all of the vital organs, and can be called a fetus. The baby will not move until is is nearly 12 weeks old. That’s around 3-4 months. That’s a long time.
    I would dearly like to know just why you think this mushy not alive chance formation of genetic material and brain matter is a baby. Because it is not.
    And tell me just what about abortions, and this form of contraception is so wrong.
    Because if you think a zygote is worth saving… Then you better start yelling at all the teenage boys who let their sperm die in tissues and socks, or girls who have the audacity to let their eggs just die, and that nice soft uterus bleed every month when they held the potential to be a baby!
    Grow up. It’s not the fifties anymore.

    • says

      Dear Katie,
      Human life begins at conception. This is a settled scientific fact. If this was not correct then some of your argument would be valid. Once human life at any stage is threatened, all human life is at risk.
      Human sperm is not a new human being. No new life is present in the male sperm. However once conception has occurred than a new human being is fully present.
      Kind regards,
      Right to Life Admin

  7. Martha Que says

    This is an extremely bias article. Some people don’t have any other option to get an obortion. What if they had been raped or something of the likes. This is just horrible. ?.

    • says

      Hi Martha,
      We are saddened that you feel that some people have no other option but to get an abortion. Society today is far more liberal and unfortunately far less caring when it comes to supporting women who have an unexpected pregnancy. Right to Life works to support adoption as the loving choice. If you search our website you will find links to women who have chosen to carry their child to full term following being raped. While rape is a horrific crime the killing of an unborn child afterwards only creates a second victim.
      Right to Life admin

      • jo says

        Are you for real? You think that a woman who has been raped is creating a second victim if she has an abortion? You SIR have no fucken idea! You propose violation after violation for a rape victim who has falling victim to a violent and vulgar crime against her body, you are a discgrace. Go back to your moral blueprint and start again.

        • says

          I can understand your pain and anger. It is a terrible injustice when a women is cruelly raped, sexual assaults on women are roundly deplored and those responsible should be brought to the courts to be tried and punished for their heinous crimes. Fortunately pregnancies as a result of rape are rare. There are many persons who have been born as a result of rape and they are overwhelmed with gratitude to their mother who has heroically chosen life for them. There are many stories from women who have been raped and chose to terminate the life of their child, they have said that the rape was traumatic and it took time to heal. We do not judge these women for their plight is painful. For many women who have been raped, they recounted that they were able to come to terms in time with the sexual assault and violation, but they found that they could never forget the abortion which they saw as a further and more violent violation of their body. Right to Life is pro-life and staunchly and proudly pro-women.

          • Anon says

            Pro-women? What the hell is pro-women. If you are pushing that women should be forced to carry an unwanted baby for 9 months, and go through all the realities of pregnancy (pain, morning sickness, weight gain, the sheer STRESS that carrying a child puts on a woman body, the unthinkable PAIN of actually giving birth????) until it is able to be given up for adoption then you are not pro-women.

            Pro-woman would be pro-choice. And if you think about it, the correct stance in this situation would be plain PRO-HUMAN. Every woman/person deserves to have the choice of putting themselves, mentally and physically, through the process of pregnancy. The fact that you think you have a right to tell someone that their choice is wrong makes you bigoted, CLUELESS and quite frankly, an ass.

            You have a right to your opinion, but you do not have the right to pass judgement on what an individual woman CHOOSES to do for herself. If you think it is okay to tell people that their opinions are wrong, and that you know better, then you need to get a grip.

          • says

            Hello anon,

            We believe that we have answered you in the many other comments we have already replied to.
            We would point out that in your closing statement. “but you do not have the right to pass judgement on what an individual woman CHOOSES to do for herself. If you think it is okay to tell people that their opinions are wrong, and that you know better..” you use the words ‘for herself’. Abortion may be something a women does for herself, but it is also something that she does TO another human being, and that is to kill it’.

            Right to Life Admin.

  8. Liz says

    Hi there,
    As someone who regularly provides contraception advice to young women, I was naturally quite concerned when I read this article, so have spent the last couple of hours of my evening doing some research.
    I found the Bayer information sheet for the Jardelle and it is accurately quoted. What I did notice, however, is that it was written in 2010. What I also found is that there are articles (published by the London Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, WHO, and others) that indicate that more recent research has shown that levonorgestrel does not prevent implantation of a fertilized egg, does not interrupt an established pregnancy, and does not harm a developing embryo.
    I do not claim to be an expert in pharmacology and this is only some information that I found in a short time late on a Sunday evening. New research is published so frequently that despite my best efforts it can be hard to keep up-to-date and informed. I always appreciate it when my colleagues pass on relevant new information to me so that I can give accurate advise and the best care to patients.
    I will definitely be doing more reading on the topic and thought that the author of this article may also be interested in following up on this recent research so that they too can ensure that they are fully informed and in turn pass on the most up-to-date and accurate information to readers.


    • says

      Hi Liz,

      We would be appreciative of you emailing us the links for the research that you have undertaken. We would like to follow this up.

      Kind Regards,

      Right to Life admin

  9. Amie says

    The normal ” contraceptive pill” does this exact thing too. Firstly preventing the egg from being released- on average they say 75% of the time this works and the 25% that gets released are prevented from attaching to the womb. A fertilised egg( a baby) can b up to 7 days old – trying to attach but failing( because of the more sinister part of the pills ingredients. So the average lady on the pill is unknowingly aborting at LEast every year on average just like the jadelle users. I didn’t believe this when I found out but asked my midwife at the time and she said it is true. .

  10. Christine says

    the lot of you make me sick!
    What right do you have to tell someone what decision regarding THEIR BODIES AND POSSIBLE FUTURE CHILDREN?
    Would you tell someone that got pregnant by rape that they couldn’t abort that baby that would only be a reminder everyday of something awful that happened to her?
    And scaremongering young girls into getting a reliable form of contraception removed which could likely lead to an unwanted, unplanned and maybe teen pregnancy?
    What disgusting behaviour from a bunch of fully grown, and I’m sure highly educated adults!

  11. Nicole says

    I just want to say that I have had 2 premature baby’s with my second baby I almost died having him he was 3 months early weighing 825grms. the doctors told me that if I had left going into hospital any later then they don’t know what would of happened to me and my baby. with this they said that this situation is always going to happen but it will get be worse. Every time, either I would die or the baby would die so medically I cant have anymore children. so I needed something to help me be able to stick around for my two beautiful children and not leave them motherless. so I got the jadelle. and its perfect for me I haven’t killed any babies I have been getting my period like every other woman gets the jadelle is doing what it is suppose to do and stopping me from falling pregnant. WHY DONT YOU THINK ABOUT THE WOMAN THAT HAVE REAL REASONS TO HAVE CONTRECEPTION SUCH AAS MYSELF CAUSE I KNOW I DONT WANT TO DIE I WANT TO SEE MY TWO CHILDREN GROW THATS WHAT I WANT AND BY HAVING THE JADELLE THATS EXSACLY WHAT IM DOING THANK YOU VERY MUCH BUT NOT ONLY THAT I AM PROTECTING ANYMORE CHILDREN I MAY HAVE FALLING PREGNANT WITH FROM DYING HENCE MY MEDICAL REASON ABOVE. WATCH WHAT YOU SAY BECAUSE FOR PEOPLE LIKE ME ITS GOING TO BE OFFENSIVE

    • says

      Hello Nicole,

      Your comment on our Jadelle article is one that we would like to answer fully. We will be responding to your heartfelt comment as soon as we can.


      Right to Life Admin

  12. Evan says

    I’m happy to say views like yours are in a vast minority that is getting even smaller each day. Soon we will not have to worry about any influence views like these might have at any level, governmental or societal. This makes me happy. Have a nice day. :)

    • says

      On the contrary Mr Kiljoy. You are obviously unaware of the growing awareness around the world especially amongst young persons that abortion is unacceptable. NZ lags behind the growing Pro-life movement in the United States in this regard, but it is the young who now realise that the actions of their parents generation have been responsible for the current holocaust. Seems like your happiness may be short lived.

      • Evan says

        Yet the numbers don’t lie… Abortion is becoming more freely available and accessible in all developed countries, you can’t argue with that point. I’ll dig up the numbers from various studies and post them here if you want, they basically show you’re one the wrong side of the fence and support for your “cause” is dwindling. Again, this all makes me happy. :)

  13. Amy says

    I’m usually Pro Life but this article makes me mad. these people have chosen to not get pregnant meaning it would be likely that if they did fall pregnant they WOULD abort.. less then 1% of these prevented pregnancy’s make it to the 3rd stage there for in 99% of cases contraception hasn’t happened. this stops A LOT of abortions. if people are on birth control they don’t want to be pregnant. so either there is no birth control, a hell of a lot more abortions or there is birth control. your choice.
    me, being pro life i support birth control for those who wish to use it. its not getting forced on these woman.


    • says

      Amy, we think that you are missing the point. If a form of birth control is also an abortifacient (even if that is a tertiary and potentially rare effect), then it is still an abortifacient and should be acknowledged as such. There are many other, non-abortifacient forms of birth control.

      The purpose of the media release was to uphold the right of women to be fully informed and to give an informed consent. It is disrespectful of women for Family Planning to withhold important information about the abortifacent action of the Jadelle implants. Human life begins at conception and at the moment of conception we have a new unique human being who is entitled to the respect that is afforded to the human person.

      Overseas studies reveal that there are serious consequences for women’s health as a result of subjecting their bodies to dangerous drugs contained in contraceptives like Jadelle, eg an increased risk of breast cancer. Were you aware that Beyer, the manufacturer of the Jadelle implant has approval from the United States Federal Drug Administration to market Jadelle in the USA, but have refrained from marketing the implant because of the fear that it may have the same experience that followed the marketing of the Norplant implant in the USA. There were 20,000 claims from 50,000 women who sought damages in the courts for not been informed of the side effects of the implant. Right to Life is concerned about women’s health and recognises the right of women to make their own decisions after being fully informed.

      Right to Life Admin

  14. Steph says

    I have the jadelle implanted, Way I see it is the ‘baby’ is a lump of cella that would only turn into a baby if it had the chace to implant and grow. Im 19 with two children under two. If I were to have another one I would not have the means to support three on my own. I agree that woman should have been fully imformed. My Dr informed me of this before I had the rods implanted amd to be quite honest Im fine with it. I am in no position to have anymore children. I also dont beleive in god.. so It also doesnt bother me that I’m “killing” his precious creations that would most probably suffer more being born than having thier lives ended at the beginning before they had a conscious mind to realise. Gee help the suffering children that have been brought into this world, instead of attacking mothers who are taking responsibility for their actions.

    • says

      Hello Steph,
      Once conceived a human embryo has the full genetic code of a new human. All of science agrees that this is when human life begins. Once we decide that any class of human being does not have a right to life then all of human life is threatened. It is clear that now that society has ‘accepted’ that abortion is OK, other classes of humans are now coming under threat. Many are pushing for the right of doctors to kill their patients. Euthanaisa is growing quickly in Europe. The situations it is being used for expanding all the time. Mental illness, people tired of life, babies who have medical conditions.

      Aren’t you also assumptions about the worth of lives being brought into the world? Can not we help the children who are on their way into the world as we help those who are already in it?

  15. Charlotte says

    What i find strange about this whole thing is why the hell is a man writing this! He has absolutely NO right to say whether it is right or wrong to have an abortion.

    • says

      Hello Charlotte,
      Would you apply this argument for a man’s right to defend the life of a toddler?

      It is precisely that men in general in New Zealand are refusing to take responsibility for fathering children and very often coercing women into abortions, that we have such a big problem.

      Right to Life is for your information not a ‘men’s organisation’. We have more members who are women than men.

      Right to Life Admin

  16. Jamie says

    My friend fell pregnant at 13 after being raped, she had an abortion, 7 years later she still says it was the best thing to do. Who the hell would think that a 13 year old is capable of carrying, birthing and looking after a baby?

    I fell pregnant a year ago and had an abortion. If I had kept the baby, I would be out on the street, no job, no money, nobody to take care of me. Having an abortion was the best option, sure one day I would love to have a child. But for some people, the time is not right. You need to be able to support a child. I think aborting is better than bringing a child into the world, where it can not be adequately nurtured and supported.

    I have the Jadelle myself, and had it put in so I would not get pregnant. If it works as an abortifacient as well then so be it, it’s still doing what it’s meant to. That’s fine by me, as it probably is most women who also have it. I agree, that before receiving it woman should be fully informed and possibly were not.

    Who are you to judge someone else’s life and their decisions? Things that don’t even affect you.

    Did my abortion affect you? No, not at all.

    “If you don’t like gay marriage, then don’t get one,
    If you don’t like drugs, then don’t do them..

    If you don’t like abortions then don’t get one.”

    • says

      Hello Jamie,

      Your friend was in a horrendous situation, that we agree and we sympathize. Even in the case of rape though we do not believe that abortion is the answer. Is the innocent new life created even in the case of rape to be made to pay for the crime of rape? Many many women have found healing by carrying their child to full term. A search of our website and other sources on the internet will bring many examples of individual cases where this is the case. We believe that it is far more beneficial for the women to carry the child and if necessary adopt it out than to kill the child as the solution.
      You seem to agree with us that every woman should be informed of the Jadelle’s abortifacient effect because that would make a difference to many women who value human life once begun. There is a lot of support ( financial and practical ) for women to have and keep their babies if they don’t choose adoption.

      Abortion as a solution will often never bring resolution or closure or peace. If this were the case we believe that you would not have been written your comment Jamie.

  17. Michelle says

    Your excessive use of the word ‘abortion’ really bothers me. It’s not an abortion at all, it’s a miscarriage. Women’s bodies miscarry babies a lot. 3/4 pregnancy end in miscarriage but most of these are so early in the pregnancy that it isn’t even picked up on and is mistaken for a regular period. Should we start abusing women’s bodies for ‘killing babies’? They’re not even babies, they’re bunches of cells. Yes they have a full genetic code but so do plants and everything else living. Maybe you should stop eating because you’re killing living things with rights. All lettuces deserve the right to live without being eaten. Full genetic code in a bunch of cells does not constitute a child. Until a fetus is able to survive outside of the womb, I don’t consider it to be a human with its own rights. It is dependent on the mother for everything and is therefore and extension of the woman. It is her choice whether she carries it or not, don’t take a woman’s right to choose away and give a lump of cells more rights than a developed human being.

    • says

      Hello Michelle,

      The action of Jadelle is abortifacient. This is a fact. We are sorry that this bothers you.
      Yes we agree that women miscarry often and this is an act of nature. However the manufacturer Bayer acknowledges that one of the mechanisms by which Jadelle works is to prevent implantation. A new human being is present at conception.
      Right to Life is simply calling for women to be fully informed of the abortifacient action of this drug and to point out the potential dangers in taking it for women’s health.

      You appear to acknowledge that the full genetic code of a human being is present but then go on to say that ‘so do trees’. Are you comparing the right to life of a tree or a lettuce with that of a human being?”

      You then go on to say.. “Full genetic code in a bunch of cells does not constitute a child. Until a fetus is able to survive outside of the womb, I don’t consider it to be a human with its own rights.”

      It would appear here you are saying that until a child is born, ie right up until the moment of birth, then it has no rights. And in fact this is the law in New Zealand right now. The New Zealand courts have in a case brought by Right to Life against the ASC, declared that the unborn child has no right to life in law.

      We believe that once we broach the sanctity of human life at any stage then all of human life is threatened,

      It is unfortunate that you believe an unborn child is an extension of the mother. Clearly you agree that it has it’s own complete DNA and we are not sure how you reconcile the fact that there are two separate human beings involved.

      Right to Life is also concerned that women are not being told the full facts about Jadelle.

      • Michelle says

        Oh man, I’d love to have a full blown debate in person with you. You want all babies born, regardless of situation. That’s not fair. You’ll fight endlessly to end abortion but as soon as the baby is born, you aren’t all the concerned anymore. I believe it’s better to have quality over quantity. It’s fairer on children to be bought up by a mother who is ready and willing, taking away the right for a woman to abort will only increase the number of children living in poverty and not receiving the care they need and deserve. I know I’ve strayed off the original topic but this stuff just really grinds my gears. On topic, many birth controls have this secondary mechanism but isn’t that the point of being on birth control. These birth controls prevent a fertilized egg from implanting and developing. They don’t let the egg implant, grow thoughts, feelings and human emotions then laugh manically as they cut the cord and abort the fetus. I honestly thought this was common knowledge. I was informed of this secondary mechanism year ago when going on birth control.

        • says

          Hello Michelle,

          We believe that we have a duty to defend the right to life of the weak and defenceless members of our human family. Human life begins at conception and at that moment the new human being is endowed with human rights the foundation right being an inalienable right to life. The unborn child is the weakest and most defenceless member of our human family and is entitled to our respect and protection. We agree that it is a woman’s absolute right to choose to have a child. Men have a duty to respect rights of women to choose not to conceive a child. The responsible way to achieve this objective is to refrain from acts of procreation which have as their objective the creation of children. At the moment of conception a woman becomes a mother and she has the privilege and duty to protect her child from harm. Abortion is the murder of the innocent and is violence inflicted on women. If women were treated with the respect that they are entitled to we would not have this war against women. Women do not choose abortion it is chosen for them by men who are not prepared to accept their responsibilities for the child they have fathered and the mother of their child. The pro-life movement is pro-life and pro-women. Any woman who is facing an unplanned pregnancy will receive all the help that she needs before the birth of her child and after birth. Any woman who has had an abortion and is suffering grief and sorrow will be offered love and support.

          Right to Life Admin

          • M. Wilson says

            If abortion is “the murder of the innocent”, do you wish to criminalize women who suffer miscarriages? Because this is already happening in the U.S. The violence and war on women is being inflicted by the pro life movement.

          • says

            Hello M. Wilson

            Miscarriage is a natural process. There are many human embryos that never develop and are aborted naturally.
            What we are pointing out is that many women may not be aware of the abortifacient action of Jadelle an we believe that they should be fully informed.
            Can you please provide us with your sources to substantiate your claim that women in the US are being criminalised for natural miscarriages? Can you substantiate that the Pro-life movement is being inflicted on women by the Pro-Life movement. Right to Life totally opposes violence against abortionists and abortion clinics, which has in the past occurred in the United States. But let’s look at the figures; Since Roe V Wade in the US there have been 9 abortion clinic staff murdered. These murders are not condoned, but are abhorred. In the same time period there have been nearly 60,000,000 unborn children murdered in their mother’s wombs.

            Yes we believe that there is a war against women alright, but this war is being propagated by those who stand to profit from promoting abortion.

            Right to Life Admin

            Right to Life Admin.

            Right to Life Admin.

          • Michelle says

            I’d love to discuss further but no matter how well I state my case, you’ll never be able to actually understand my side. Having a debate with people like you is pointless and like arguing with a brick. Every point I make, you dance around. I make a valid point, and all you say is how abortion is killing the innocents, never anything that relates to wha was stated. You’re so pro life but anti gay on this site. You fight for the rights of foetuses but would you still fight for their rights if they came out as gay later in life?

            Also, you love to state the number of foetuses that didn’t get to be born, but you neglect the fact that the worlds population is growing rapidly and it’s a hard truth but abortion is pretty good population control. It reduces the number of dependants in the world and the number of unwanted children in this world. The less unwanted children being born, the less poverty there is. No one should be forced to care for a child when they are not in a financial position to do so. Sure, adoption is an option but carrying a baby to term and handing it over would destroy me more than having an abortion. I’d rather wait til I’m in a position in my life to give a child a good life, with all the essentials and more than have one early in life and have it grow up with a struggle. But again, all my valid opinion is wasted on you as you’ll never change your views, just as nothing you can ever say will make me change my views.

          • says

            Hello Michelle,
            It is obvious that you have a different world view and set of values to those who see abortion is wrong. All we can say in conclusion to you is
            We aren’t fighting for the right to kill our daughters (and sons) before they’re born. Are you?

            Right to Life Admin

          • Michelle says

            Yes my views are very different to yours. Yours are small minded and destructive. Before I stop arguing my point, I just need a few answers from you. Don’t dance around my points – I make some pretty good arguments and you not having rebuttal to them just makes me believe I must be right.

            First – I see you have a petition for ‘preventing abortion after the first heartbeat’. This article states that at about 3 weeks there is the first heartbeat – the abortive properties of the jadelle prevent implantation, this happens way before 3 weeks after fertilisation, no heartbeat then.

            Secondly – you are so against homosexuality. Do you know who don’t get accidentally pregnant and abort ‘babies’? The gays. Do you know who can adopt children born to mothers who aren’t ready to take care of a child but didn’t have an abortion, and give them a wonderful, loving life? The gays. Please, tell me, would you still petition to save the rights of all foetuses if their sexuality could be determined at the first scan? If all human life is sacred, why be against an entire group of them?

          • says

            Hello Michelle,
            When slavery was outlawed in the west it was first outlawed in Britain. It took time for it to be outlawed in other countries eg, The United States. The petition on our website is not our own creation. It is a petition organised by the Population Research Institute ( We are, in placing this on our website not saying that we ONLY believe that life should only be protected from when the unborn child’s heartbeat first starts.

            Right to Life Admin

          • Michelle says

            And again you completely avoid my actual points… If this was a debate being judged, I would have won hands down as you have no rebuttal

  18. Mother of two says

    In retrospect what you’re saying is that all people should be informed of what this “contraceptive” is doing by aborting a child that isn’t formed and obviously isn’t wanted by its parents or they wouldn’t have been implanted in the first place this article is not thought through well and is nothing more then self righteous people judging others and trying to push their own beliefs on others if it was something that was affecting people conceiving who were actually trying then yes it would be a concern but it’s not

    • says

      Hello Mother of Two,
      We are not only concerned about that fact that this contraceptive aborts a new human life but also that it is potentially damaging to women’s health.
      Whether an unborn child is wanted or not does not change the fact that it is a new human life, no matter how small or how unwanted.

      The real question is what is the unborn child? If it is not a human being what is it? If it is not a human at conception what is it? Science defines human life beginning at conception. If all human life is not protected then no human life is safe.

      If you believe Mary Ellen that a human beings right to life is determined by how they feel about it then you are on a very slippery slope indeed.

      Right to Life Admin

      • M. Wilson says

        Right to Life,
        Are you aware that breastfeeding also prevents implantation? Do you consider breastfeeding an abortifacient which should be banned?

          • M. Wilson says

            Nevertheless, the result is the same. Your definition of a zygote as a “child” is entirely arbitrary and self-serving. You keep referencing “science”, when in reality you are twisting truth for your own ends and religious agenda.

          • says

            Hello M. Wilson,

            Human life begins at conception, which is a scientific fact: abortion at any stage ends that human life.

            Right to Life Admin

  19. Mary-Lee says

    admin have you actually read the bible??? god orders men to slash the bellies of pregnant woman and kill every child in the land, and he killed the entire population of the world with the flood, men women and children as well as unborn babies , so why mention god on this post?? he is the most hateful character in history , that is if he existed which he doesn’t because there is no scientific evidence at all that points to the human race being “created”

    • says

      Hello Mary-Lee this reply to your comment on 6th November also replies to your second comment made a few minutes later.

      You have raised many many issues not the least being your unbelief in the creator of life. That being so you proceed to call him the most hateful character in history. If he does not exist how can he be blamed for those atrocities that people do to each other?
      There is plenty of scientific evidence to support creation. Less and less that supports evolution if you choose to look at it all. But you obviously choose to select your “evidence” based on your bias as you chose bible verses to paint your predetermined picture of a hateful god who doesn’t even exist!
      Grief and guilt cause confusion and anger.
      Honesty and repentance will open the door to forgiveness and clarity. God All Powerful punishes sin. This may affect an individual, a community or a nation. All life belongs to him. Innocent life returns to Him. Forgiveness takes away guilt when repentance is sincere. Unrepentant sin leads to eternal separation from God and Love and Truth – which is hell.
      Abortion slashes babies to pieces. People do this in the name of choice or convenience.

      Do you hate these baby killers too?

      Right to Life Admin

      • mary-lee says

        I am saying that if you believe in God and actually know your bible then you can’t deny that god commands men to kill babies and pregnant women therefore how is he all loving and forgiving when he is committing genocide as well ?And where isyour evidence for creation ? Because there are hundreds of thousands of pieces of evolution which have been tested and peer reviewed by scientists and you obviously don’t know what you are talking about judging from your other commebts on this thread. I don’t believe in God but I’m saying if you do then you’ve obviously read the bible so you can’t pick and choose what parts are real or not either the whole thing is bullshit or it all happened in which case god is a murderous character

          • says

            Mary Lee,
            We do not claim that God is all/only loving. His love includes justice – a concept the world has overlooked. This is not the forum to argue in depth about your selection of scriptures. Suffice to say that many of the communities that God directed His judgement/wrath on had been practising their own obscene child sacrifice rituals along with exploiting the helpless and needy. There is a principle here that you should consider. God’s justice returns the agression of the agressor back on him/her self and on to a complicit community. Innocent lives will often be caught up in this but their lives return to the one who created and loves them for eternity. Concerning evolution – where is your missing link? Your so called evidence depends on systems like carbon dating that rely on presumptions and guesses. Again this is not the forum for such a debate. I refer you to creation science websites which have all the evidence you could wish to consider. There is no fear in truth. Truth will set you free.
            Right to Life Admin

        • says

          We do not claim that God is all/only loving. His love includes justice – a concept the world has overlooked. This is not the forum to argue in depth about your selection of scriptures. Suffice to say that many of the communities that God directed His judgement/wrath on had been practising their own obscene child sacrifice rituals along with exploiting the helpless and needy. There is a principle here that you should consider. God’s justice returns the agression of the agressor back on him/her self and on to a complicit community. Innocent lives will often be caught up in this but their lives return to the one who created and loves them for eternity. Concerning evolution – where is your missing link? Your so called evidence depends on systems like carbon dating that rely on presumptions and guesses. Again this is not the forum for such a debate. I refer you to creation science websites which have all the evidence you could wish to consider. There is no fear in truth. Truth will set you free.
          Right to Life Admin

  20. Krystal says

    I have the jadelle for a reason .. not to get pregnant so I really don’t care how its done. And it’s done its job so I say thumbs up!

    • says

      Hello Krystal,
      Whether you do or don’t take Jadelle is up to you. All we are pointing out is there are consequences and there are many women who may not have been made aware of those consequences.

      Right to Life Admin

  21. Krystal says

    I have the jadelle for a reason .. not to get pregnant so I really don’t care how its done. And it’s done its job so I say thumbs up! Yes I understand the importance of human life but maybe u don’t understand the struggles of bringing up kids in this Messed up world. If someone has the jadelle to prevent pregnancy and it works then what’s the problem?

    • says

      Hello Krystal,
      Please see our previous reply to your earlier comment. We know and understand that it may extremely difficult bringing up children but we believe that the alternative of killing them before they are born is not the solution but brings more problems than it ‘solves’.

  22. Jhyslle says

    In order for human life to begin an egg and sperm is required, right? Well, doesn’t jadelle prevent sperm from even reaching the egg? If this is so, then how can it be considered a life-killer when a human life had not even begun?

  23. Jaz says

    Isn’t that what it’s for? To prevent pregnancy. I have had mine for 5 years and I love it! I do not want to have any more children and I am too young to be sterilised so it is perfect. If I was to fall pregnant I would get an abortion anyway. Your body, your choice. I do agree that women should be properly informed. I have tried different types of birth control and this works best for me.

    • says

      Hello Jaz,
      Thank you for your comment. We have little more to say as most of what you comment has been covered in previous post replies.

      Right to Life Admin

  24. lillian paletua says

    No haters please,I’m reading through the comments and sort of got lost after the second!!anyway,I’m not educated or knowledgeable within the medical field,however,and correct me if I’m wrong.what your saying is that with the jadelle it doesn’t prevent the sperm from meeting the egg,then forming into an actually destroys it once its formed??Its aborted after this process?? hope you know what I mean.,because if that’s the case then I won’t have the jadelle as my birth control.But thats my choice and each to their own.would you recommend another type of birth control then?

    • says

      Hi Lillian,

      Jadelle works in a number of ways. The information below is from New Zealand Medsafe on Jadelle.

      ‘Jadelle prevents pregnancy through a combination of mechanisms. The most important of these are inhibition of the egg release by stopping it maturing and changing the cervical mucus consistency making it more difficult for sperm to reach the egg.
      Other mechanisms may also be involved.’

      One of these other mechanisms of Jadelle is that of preventing the implantation of the fertilised ovum, following conception. Conception by definition is when a new human life is created and while this may be upsetting to a number of people it is an undeniable scientific fact.

    • Amie says

      I would stay well away from all hormonal contraception lillian. The pill’ has the same hormones and effect as jadelle. Just a different way of getting them into your body. You could always do natural family planning ( plot your fertile days (by taking temp or using the saliva magnifing thing purchased from chemist, or examining discharge) then after a few months (if you have a regular cycle) you’ll know which days you should use a condom or avoid sex. I may be wrong but I think this is the method a lot of catholics use.

  25. Lou says

    Ugh, calling the ‘right to life movement’ pro-women makes me so mad. You said in your comments at one stage that “abortion is forced onto women by men”, which is so incredibly wrong. Yes, it does happen, but what about all the well informed women who make the choice themselves, without being coerced by anyone? Taking that away from her is anti-woman. You call this ‘organization’ pro-women to make yourselves feel better about the fact that you’re trying to force women into being mothers whether or not they want, or are even able to. And that is the most anti-woman thing I can think of. The right to abortion is one women have fought fiercely for. Taking that away is also anti-woman. Quit the bs.

    • says

      Hello Lou,
      Right to Life has never said that all abortions are forced on women. What we have said and which we believe to be true is that many women are coerced into abortion. We believe that with support most women would choose not to have an abortion. We have said that if men would stand up and take responsibility for the life they have contributed to making then many women would not have had an abortion. It is the men of this country who are failing to be the protectors of life, which is their natural role.
      We agree that women do make the decision to end the life of their unborn child through abortion but to argue that they have a ‘right’ to do so is problematic. Would you argue that women should have the same right to kill their toddlers? If not why not? Would you argue that we were forcing women to be mothers if we were to argue hypothetically against the right to kill toddlers? If a women were not able to look after her toddler would you argue for her right to kill her toddler. Are there not other alternatives to killing to solve ‘problems’.
      Abortion is the ‘elephant in the room’ of New Zealand society. Far from freeing women, it is the cause of a huge amount of unresolved grief and regret and turmoil in thousands of lives. Until abortion is seen for what it is and healing sought then this is an issue which will not go away.
      Mother Theresa said the greatest destroyer of peace in the world today is abortion.

      Right to Life Admin

  26. Trish says

    It’s Ironic really. We as a nation stand against child abuse yet we willingly as a country permits hundreds of abortions to new life daily? How scary to thing some people define the conception of new life as some kind of strange organism/creature? Sounds like evolution. They start off as something then turn into humans at a stage that we as human define as being human and having the right to be called human. Even at 20+ weeks we okay abortions but it has to be done while baby is still inside of you because if done outside the body it’s murder. Ironic.

  27. Carla says

    I have the jadelle, and i Love it to bits.. I will admit though i hate abortions, and hate the fact that they did not mention the abortifacient in the pamphlet i was given, but hey we have the jadelle because we don’t want to get pregnant, If anything the jadelle is doing what it’s meant to… STOPS PREGNANCY!! You should be standing outside an abortion clinic giving them pamphletz, for adoption centers or other places they can go to for help. :)

    • says

      Hi Carla,

      Right to Life members are working in many areas to help protect the unborn child. Some of our members are regularly peacefully protesting the silent holocaust outside abortion mills. We are particularly concerned that Family Planning proposed to expand it’s trial clinic offering medical abortions (RU 486) in Tauranga to include all of its 29 other clinics throughout New Zealand. Family Planning are very much part of a culture of death.

      • Makel says

        Hi Admin

        To be simple about this i am a true believer in God etc etc I also fully understand this article but off the point, Im just wondering how many children do you have? You must have loads of them cause your against this. Also if i took my jadelle out and i continue to get pregnant until menopause and have my babies would YOU come and look after ALL my babies/childrens since your so passionate about saving lives?

        • says

          There are various options of contraception available in NZ that do not have an abortifacient effect. Or you could choose sterilisation if you have decided your fertility is no longer a blessing. Our site is for those women who had not been informed of the Jadelles abortifacient effects. Once informed it is indeed your decision whether to continue with it. But now that you have all the truth about it God will be the one asking you about your decision, not us.

          Right to Life Admin

  28. mary-lee says

    So you say that your god takes innocents to heaven ? Then why are you questioning gods work ?he obviously wants these people to have abortions so he can have them in heaven .
    Your argument makes no sense at all .
    the only evidence for god is in a bible that wasn’t even written by him ? Haha sorry I am free it is you who is chained to religion

    • says

      If you had any insight about God, the only true God, you would understand that His atoning sacrifice – His own suffering and death – was His plan so that NONE need perish eternally. He is equally concerned for sinners because once they have rejected His plan of salvation, justice and judgement must follow. Innocent babies will go to heaven but their unrepentant killers won’t. You enjoy your freedom to choose in this life because you will not see the chains and suffering that unless you repent, await you in the next – a result you will have brought on yourself with your own ‘free choice’.
      Right to Life Admin
      Not a laughing matter, surely.

  29. Paula says

    I don’t think most people get the idea of this article. I get that it’s saying people are not fully informed about the product.
    I am pro life but I don’t have a problem with contraception medicine. I have been on the pill in the past. I wouldn’t want to take a pill or have an implant the caused a conception to be aborted.
    I believe it’s life as soon as the egg and sperm connect, at conception.

  30. Nikita says

    I can not believe this at all, This is disgusting I got one put in when I was 16 years of age I didn’t want this in I was happier to go on the pill. And now with this information I understand why I was bleeding for 3 months straight and I went to my gp and they gave me some pills to stop the bleeding and said to me that it was normal to bleed like that with the jadelle what the heck now it come out that it actually aborts life im disgusted and outraged. What is society coming to if I new that it causes this I would not have had it put in , in the first place.

    • says

      Hi Nikita,

      Thanks for your comment. Right to Life is also concerned about the impact this contraceptive implant may be having on thousands of NZ women. Right to Life is working hard to ensure women are being fully informed with regard to the impact that certain contraceptives, abortifacients and abortion are having on our women. Unfortunately we are being largely ignored by the authorities.

      Right to life Admin

  31. Frances says

    Thankyou for supplying the information I have been looking for since I started looking at different forms of birth control. I’ll most likely still be opting for the Jadelle implant as it’s one of the longer lasting forms of contraception, but I appreciate being fully informed about my choice despite the manner in which the information has been imparted.

    Also, for future articles, can you possibly be a little clearer on where your information comes from? I don’t doubt, say, that scientifically speaking life begins at conception, that was something we learned at 13 in science classes. I’d just appreciate a bibliography of sorts – a list of sources I can fact check with that I don’t have to comment to ask for.

    Please and Thankyou :)

  32. Moray says

    So what? Thats the purpose of birth control, in fact most birth control pills do this anyway.

    Anyway of your already taking that then the morning after pill or an abortion is likely the next option since you wouldn’t want thr baby anyway

    • says

      Unlike you Moray many people do care if the contraceptive method they are using kills the human being they have conceived. The very words you use are at the crux of this issue. The treatment of a new human life, an unborn child like a no longer wanted commodity such as a used car.

      Right to Life Admin

  33. Rubi says

    hi, I have a question..
    What if a female was sexually assaulted by a stranger would you expect that girl to go through the whole pregnancy having to be constantly reminded of how that baby was conceived. And not only the pregnancy process but the birth; would you expect a girl to give birth to her rapists child?

    • says

      Hello Rubi,
      We do not make light of rape which is horrific and abhorrent. However can we ask you one question. Should the innocent unborn child conceived through even rape pay with her life? If you search our website you will find many examples of posts where women who have been subjected to the cruelty of rape, have carried their child to full term and found healing in that. Again we in no way seek to mitigate the trauma of rape on any women but point out that having an abortion may not be the solution that many women think it will be.

      Right to Life Admin

  34. Indy says

    This contreceptive seems perfectly fine to me, if your on something like the jadelle that is a 2-5 year 99% sucess rate contraceptive plan then your pretty serious about not getting pregnant! Being against abortions is absolutely ridiculous in my eyes! Noone knows what a woman’s going through to make the decision to have an abortion, why bring a child into this world that would have a life of unhappiness or suffering?!

    • says

      Hello Indy,
      Thank you for your comment. You say ‘being against abortion is absolutely ridiculous’. Would you say the same thing if society started accepting that it was absolutely ridiculous to be against the killing of toddlers if they were inconvenient? If not could you please tell us why not?

      Right to Life Admin.

  35. nikki says

    I know this topic is about jadelle as an abortion contraception “should pregnancy occur” but seeing as this site appears to have to hold the moral high ground answer me this – 9 years ago i fell pregnant when i had an IUD. Long story short the iud had “come adrift” and ended up embedded in the head of the fetus. The brain had not developed as it should, nor had eyes, one of the ears or a palate. At 24 weeks i was advised the child would live possibly minutes, most likely be still born as the brain functions required for breathing were’nt there. So i aborted. I do not now, nor have i ever regretted my decision. The options open to women are just that, options. You believe i should have carried to term, birthed and then what? Waited for it to die while singing songs it couldnt hear and give kisses it couldnt feel? Thanked god for giving me a human analogue to bury? Tell me exactly why that would have been the right thing to do. Your view is your view and you are entitled to it but dont you DARE presume to know the minds and circumstance of the individual. That is Arrogance beyond belief. And please, spare me the hypothetical posturing of your earlier posts, they neither validate your original post, nor improve your understanding of a womans right to choose.

    • says

      Dear Nikki
      From mother to mother I am sorry for your loss. Certain aspects of your story need clarification and as a nurse I feel I can ask you, particularly as you state that you have no regrets. Most have their first scan after deciding to continue their pregnancy and this would usually be around 15 weeks to determine their due date etc. At 24 weeks you were told if born the child would not live long. I had a friend who was told a similar prognosis when her baby was diagnosed with “severe spina bifida”. That baby now a healthy young woman with a minor physical disability is a living testimony of how wrong their guesses can be. Your baby had one ear so may indeed have heard your voice and been comforted by its sound after birth. Respiratory function cannot be tested until the lungs fill with air – after birth – and how did they explain your baby not being able to feel touch? Yes depending where the IUD imbedded it may have caused some defects such as blindness but the extent is a guess no matter how educated. God gave you a precious human life. He did not put an IUD in your uterus to damage this gift.
      Your question was why would carrying such a baby to birth be the right thing to do? You introduced God into the story so the first thing to state is that He gives life and forbids anyone to destroy it. We and many other countries have based our Human Rights legislation and common law on the Judeo/Christian heritage of morality and justice. Once we decide to reject this absolute standard of morality then our ethics have no basis except the fluctuating standards of the majority in a democracy or the inflexibility of a dictatorship such as ISIS. Your determination to make such a choice involving the death of another human being has effects on all of society. Perhaps the real analogue in the case is the determination to get our own way regardless of God or anyone who disagrees with us or the effect our decisions have on others.

      For Right to Life

  36. Educated Student says

    Hey Guys,
    Just to clear it all up for you:
    With the Jadelle you are told it does two things:
    -Prevents the egg from maturing and being released from the ovary,
    -Thickens the mucus, making it more difficult for sperm to reach the egg.
    The article states that woman are not told of the third thing it does:
    – Prevents the implantation of a fertilised egg.

    Now, I recently had the Jadelle implanted.
    There is a sentence on the information pamphlet (given to EVERYONE!) that says

    “Do not use this medicine if you are pregnant or you think you may be pregnant. It may
    affect your developing baby if you use Jadelle during pregnancy.”

    I asked my nurse about this and was told in no uncertain terms that if there is a fertilised egg anywhere in my uterus, it will be aborted due to the effects of Jadelle.
    I do not have an opinion on abortion as I have not experienced it myself and don’t believe it is my place to judge another person’s situation.
    All I’m saying here is that it may not be listed on the pamphlet as an effect because if there is a fertilised egg either you have LIED to your healthcare provider who WILL NOT implant it if you are possibly pregnant or IT IS NOT WORKING PROPERLY!

    The first two stated effects create a 99.8% chance that sperm and egg will NOT meet.
    If they do, there is a back-up system which prevents the egg from implanting.

    Also, you say miscarriage is a natural process but the Jadelle effect is not?
    What is in the Jadelle:
    – “levonorgestrel” Synthetic Progesterone (the hormone that prepares the uterine lining to receive and nourish a fertilised egg)

    Progesterone is a naturally occuring hormone in the body and using the implant increases the levels of progesterone in the body. Basically, it fools the body into thinking it’s permanently pregnant.

    If this is not a natural process then feel free to comment about it SPECIFICALLY and WITH REFERENCES!

    Jadelle implant information sheet:
    Progesterone use in a woman’s body:

    • says

      Dear Ela,
      We’re always up for accurate education. We seem to agree that Jadelle’s third less obvious effect is to prevent implantation of a newly formed human being; ie its abortifacient effect. That should be as prominent as the other two in the info you were provided with. It wasn’t.
      Progesterone has a fluctuating effect with oestrogen to maintain the endometrium in case of pregnancy. To manipulate this complex process is a drug induced intervention that cannot be called a “natural” process.

      For Right to Life

  37. says

    Hello Nicole,
    Right to Life has not as you state been trying to stop peoples access to abortion for 7 years. Right to Life has been fighting to protect the life of innocent human beings in their mothers wombs for decades. And we will continue to do that. Whether an abortion is surgical or medical it is still the taking of a precious human life as you well know.
    Right to Life Admin.


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