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  • Ten Universal Principles: A Brief Philosophy of the Life Issues. This book is concerned with: How do we make sense of life? How should we treat others? How should we reasonably be expected to be treated by others? When human life is at stake, are there reasonable principles we can rely on to guide our actions?
  • Same-Sex Marriage: Dangers, Difficulties, Deceptions
  • "Really a Choice?' is a Factazine that explores the effects and consequences of women in society who experience unplanned pregnancy, abortion and associated health issues.
  • You're Teaching My Child What?- A psychiatrist exposes the harm done to children in the name of sex education.
  • Architects of the Culture of Death
  • Economies Rise and Fall with the Family
  • Palliative Care and Compassion. Adding palliative care early to patients’ standard regimens not only improves their quality of life but lengthens their life as well
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  • Throwing oil on the blaze of teenage sex
  • A Really Long Post About Abortion and Reasoning By Historical Analogy That is Going to Make Virtually All of My Readers Very Angry At Me
  • Love is not enough. Mothers and fathers are not interchangeable. Children need the love of both.
  • 49 Million to 5: In the wake of the shooting of late-term abortionist George Tiller, President Barack Obama sent out a welcome message that this nation would not tolerate attacks on pro-lifers or any other Americans because of their religion or beliefs. Ha ha! Just kidding
  • Secretary of State Clinton Admits Obama will Work to Dismantle Abortion Laws around the World
  • The Problem of Evil
  • Abortion None of Your Business
  • Sweden Rules Gender-Selective Abortions Legal
  • Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide


    Labour’s Euthanasia Bill – A Very Real Threat to the Elderly

    Right to Life New Zealand Media Release 9.25 pm Sunday 21st July 2013

    The Labour caucus has a Private Members Bill in the ballet titled “End of Life Choice Bill” in the name of Maryan Street. If passed it would allow doctors to kill their patients or assist in their suicide. This bill was placed in the ballet box in July 2012. The bill hangs over the nation’s head like the Sword of Damocles, just  waiting to fall. The bill if passed would  undermine the common good, pose a serious threat to the lives of the elderly the disabled and the seriously ill. Such a Bill would totally alter the respect and trust that patients have with their doctors and impose an unwanted watershed change in our healthcare system. 

    The nation is preparing for a general election in 2014. It is important in an election year that the electorate focuses on the important issues such as housing, education, welfare and the cost of living. If this bill were drawn from the ballot before the election, it would prove a major unwanted distraction for the electorate.

    It is important in our Parliamentary democracy that the Labour Party presents itself to the electorate as a viable party fit to govern. There are many in our community who are deeply concerned at the social engineering imposed on our community by previous Labour governments. These concerned citizens would be reluctant to vote for a political party that supports doctors being given the right to kill their patients.

    The bill is strongly opposed by the New Zealand Medical Association [NZMA],  Hospice New Zealand and the Catholic Bishops Conference. The chairman of the NZMA has said, “euthanasia is unethical and cannot be condoned.” This obnoxious bill seeks to undermine medical ethics. The bill would effectively result in doctors ultimately becoming agents of the state, who will decide who shall live and who shall die. Medical ethics are there to protect the weak and the vulnerable in our community. We undermine these ethics at our peril.

    Why is the Labour caucus prepared to challenge the medical ethics of a profession that is committed to protecting human life from conception to natural death? The support of the Labour caucus for this unprecedented challenge to the medical profession  should be a cause for major concern for every citizen.  Has the Labour Party misinterpreted the amount of concern held by many in the electorate?  The question must now be asked; is the Labour Party a responsible and suitable political party to govern this country?

    In the interest of the nation and indeed of the Labour Party, Right to Life joins with Family First in earnestly requesting that Maryan Street withdraw this pernicious and destructive bill. If the member is really concerned about alleviating the pain of the terminally ill and assisting people to die with compassionate care and real dignity, why does she not sponsor a bill to provide more funding for our  palliative care hospices?

    Ken Orr


    Right to Life .

    1 comment to Labour’s Euthanasia Bill – A Very Real Threat to the Elderly

    • Rhona MacKenzie

      Not to mention people with disabilities, who are also insulted by the ‘charity object’ depiction of people with chronic medical conditions and physical impairments as weak, vulnerable, dependent and suicidal. And who face insurance discrimination that could subtlely give the message that their lives are “not worth living.”

      Ms Street doesn’t even seem to have much support from the homosexual and lesbian communities, interestingly enough.

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