Mother who was mocked, told she should have aborted, shares video about child with special needs

The following post is from the US website Live Action News. Click on the picture to view this inspiring video.

Children and adults with disabilities never cease to amaze the world with their impressive resilience and un-crushable spirits. But there are always a few bitter individuals lying in wait, ready to trample the happiness that these people with special needs experience and bring out in others.

Just last week, pro-life Congresswoman Herrera and her unborn child with Potter’s Syndrome were the target of disgusting comments from individuals who do not believe that her baby deserves life or love.

In the face of similar comments, one mother of a baby boy with special needs created a video to respond to criticism that she has received since his birth. Individuals have accused her of being a bad mother for taking him out in public, and even criticize her for not aborting him. Sadly, even many doctors recommend aborting children with prenatal diagnoses of chromosomal and other abnormalities.

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