IRS targets US pro-life; conservative groups

The following post is from the LiveActionNews website.

If the Watergate scandal went down as one of the worst in history, the recently revealed series of government abuses nicknamed “IRSGate” is on its way to becoming just as infamous, as details of rampant targeting and harassment of American entities (run, of course, by American citizens), based purely on the organizations’ or citizens’ political views, continues to emerge.

In the growing tidal wave of revealed harassment, it was also discovered that the IRS had not only targeted political action groups, but had also targeted pro-life groupsCherish Life Ministries, for example, a charitable organization which focuses on serving young mothers, educating the public on life issues, and supporting churches,  was denied 501(c)(3) status and told that, in order to qualify, the group must also provide pro-abortion materials equal to their pro-life materials.  Laughable at best, given that Planned Parenthood has maintained the exact same tax exempt status being sought by Cherish Life, with zero requirement to promote pro-life materials.

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