A Critique of the Philosophy of ALRANZ by Right to Life

On the web site of the Abortion Law Reform Association of New Zealand there are a number of cameos that represent the philosophy of that Association. Right to Life takes this opportunity to comment on this philosophy. It is in the interest of women and their unborn that we listen with respect to what is being advocated by those who believe that abortion is a woman’s right to choose.

New Zealand Women Deserve the Right to Choose. Right to Life totally supports the absolute right of women to choose if they wish to become pregnant and have a child. In the event of a woman not being married and desiring not to have a child she should refrain from sexual intercourse which has as its end the pro-creation of children. When a woman is pregnant she then has a responsibility and privilege to protect and nurture the child in her womb. For her, the choice is to have a live baby or a dead baby. She has a right to receive the love and support of the community to bring her child to birth. ALRANZ seeks to empower women yet half the children aborted are female children in utero. They are unique and unrepeatable miracles of creation and they should be able to grow up to be mothers and contribute to society. The authentic feminist position is to defend the right to life of every child. Right to Life believes that no woman freely chooses to kill her child before birth.

Abortion is a Health Issue not a Crime. The killing of a child before birth is a justice issue. At conception the child is endowed by its Creator with inalienable human rights, the foundation right being a right to life. Our human rights being inalienable, are universal and may not be taken from us. We all have a duty to defend life especially that of the weak and marginalised in society. The unborn child is the weakest and most defenceless member of the human family. The state has a duty to protect the life and the human rights of the unborn.

The killing of the unborn is a serious crime and is found in section 183 of the Crimes Act. On conviction any person may be imprisoned for a term up to 14 years. The killing of the unborn is not a health matter and it is not a health service. It is certainly not a service for the defenceless child that is destroyed. It is also not a service for the vulnerable woman who is faced with potential serious complications affecting her physical and mental health.

Decisions like Abortion should not be the government’s business.

The state has a duty to protect the lives of all of its citizens, especially of those who cannot defend themselves. The state has a special duty to protect the lives of its future citizens. If the state were to withdraw the protection of the law from the unborn it may well be asked to withdraw protection for other vulnerable groups, the elderly and the disabled.

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