Family Planning Promoting Dangerous Jadelle Implant


The Press.

Dear Sir

Promoting a Culture of Death

Re 6 May. Dr Roke of Family Planning is promoting a culture of death and sterility by encouraging women to use Long Acting Reversible Contraception [LARC] such as the IUD and the Jadelle implant. Why is Family Planning encouraging women to fill their bodies with dangerous foreign objects which have serious health consequences? The Jardelle implant is carcinogenic and increases the risk of cancer, causes liver dysfunction, thrombosis, high blood pressure, nausea and headaches.  They constitute a violent assault on women’s fertility. Both these LARCs are abortifacient and destroy human life by preventing the implantation of a newly conceived human embryo.

The Canterbury District Health Board is to be commended for turning away from sterilisations.  The Canterbury Charity Hospital  is providing a commendable service to the community, it is disappointing that it is providing sterilisation for women. Sterilisation is an assault on a women’s reproductive organs. Why are women being encouraged to become barren?

Yours faithfully

Ken Orr


Right to Life.

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