Doctor Suspended For Unlawfully Prescribing Abortion Drug

Right to Life Media Release Monday 30th April 2013

A New Zealand doctor has been suspended by the Health Practitioners Disciplinary Tribunal from practising medicine for 6 months after three of her patients were unlawfully prescribed the abortion drug misoprostol.

The doctor who unlawfully prescribed this dangerous drug has broken the law. The Crimes Act 1961, under section eight, Crimes Against the Person, has section 183, Procuring Abortion by any means. It reads, “Everyone is liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding 14 years who, with intent to procure the miscarriage of any woman or girl, whether she is pregnant or not,-[a]Unlawfully administers to or causes to be taken by her any poison or any drug …

These are serious crimes against the right to life of three defenceless unborn children. Right to Life questions the Tribunal as to why these serious crimes were not reported to the Police in order that charges could be brought to the High Court.

The doctor concerned has violated the Hippocratic tradition and the ethics of the medical profession which requires that doctors have the utmost respect for human life from the moment of conception. The three unborn children whose death she brought about were her patients and they deserved her respect and protection, tragically she failed them.


She also failed to protect the health and welfare of the vulnerable women who came to her seeking help. Doctors don’t help women by killing their children. By failing to protect the lives of the three precious unborn patients she has forfeited her right to practice medicine.

It is possible that the doctor is also a certifying consultant appointed by the Abortion Supervisory Committee to authorise abortions. Right to Life asks that if she is a certifying consultant, have these unlawful acts been reported to the Committee, in order that consideration be given to revoking her appointment as a consultant.


Ken Orr


Right to Life,

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