Same Sex ‘Marriage’ and Parliament’s Day of Shame

Media Release 17 April 2013

The passing of the Marriage [Definition of Marriage] Amendment bill marks a day of shame in the history of New Zealand. Parliament had a duty to defend marriage, to their lasting shame they failed to do so.

All authority comes from God, He has not given Parliament the authority to redefine marriage. In an astounding challenge to the authority of God, Parliament has assumed the right to seek to redefine the institution of marriage to include same sex couples.

God, the author of life, has, for the happiness of mankind and the procreation of the human race instituted marriage as being exclusively for one man and one woman. God has created man for woman and woman for man. Only a man can make a woman a wife and a mother and only a woman can make a man a husband and a father. Same sex marriage is not marriage, it will never be marriage, it is a cruel charade.

Mankind has always known these fundamental truths and no Act of Parliament can change the institution of marriage which God in His wisdom and love has bestowed on us.

Parliament has now decreed that children do not need a father and a mother, just two men or two women who care for them. The terms father and mother are now to be taken off birth certificates and the terms husband and wife removed from marriage certificates. This is grossly offensive to many people in our country.

Homosexual marriage is the logical conclusion for a culture that celebrates sterility. It is part of a culture of death. We have a culture that has rejected God’s plan that places procreation as the ultimate end of sexual activity. The challenge to a culture of life commenced with the acceptance of contraception and the advent of the contraceptive pill in the 1960s, closely followed by the widespread acceptance of the killing of unborn children as a backup for failed contraception.

The fruit of this culture has been an abandonment of marriage in favour of de facto relationships, an explosion of sexually transmitted diseases, teenage pregnancies, abandoned solo mothers, fatherless children and exploding divorce rates and the rapid downward movement of virtually every socially normative indicator.

The widespread acceptance of homosexualty is God’s punishment on society. The challenge for society is a renewed commitment to marriage as instituted by God. We have sown to the wind so we are now reaping the whirlwind.

Ken Orr



  1. Francesca Lorre says

    Wow, you guys really are assholes aren’t you?
    The bible also says not to shave, eat lobster, or eat pig. Shit! Mr Ken Orr, please, tell me. Do you shave?
    :O YOU DISOBEYED THE BIBLE. I am going to protest, write to parliament, and then write a really useless blog post about you. Shame.

    I have contacts in Parliament. My best friends father is actually a member of parliament.

    Also, on a different subject, I have seen that your last name is “Orr”. Fantastic! Have you ever considered taking advantage of that? For example, when you’re rowing a kayak, you could say “where’s my paddling Orr”? Orr Ken, when you’re banging your wife, (just guessing, who knows) does she say “Give me an ORRgasm”?

    Hope you have a think about this Ken.

    Oh, and Ken…. Please say hi to Barbie for me!

    Please, stop the hate. <3

    – Francesca Lorre

  2. HPTC says

    Your press release would be pretty offensive, if it wasn’t just kinda sadly funny. Face it: you lost. You’ve lost BIG TIME. History only moves one way, and we’re never going back. New Zealand has moved on, and has fully rejected your sad message of hate and intolerance. If I was you, I’d take a good hard look at myself in the mirror, and ask, as supposed Christians, why you hold so much hate in your hearts towards people that have never done you any harm. Same-sex marriage will do nothing at all to hurt New Zealand society; but cold, uncaring, nasty people like yourselves definitely will.

    • says

      Dear HPTC,
      Right to Life does not and never has or will have a message of hate or intolerance. On the contrary our core values are one of care and concern for people. When you see someone’s house is on fire you do not ignore it. You do what you can to save the persons inside. When we see a bill that promotes things that are clearly morally wrong, we must do what we can to warn against the consequences. Your claim that we are hateful and intolerant is erroneous. This Bill like many other pieces of liberal social legislation that have been passed in recent years will only hurt society, especially children who have the right to be raised by both a mother and a father. If you wish to know how then you only need to look at the posts on our website.

  3. Brian says

    We’re in the 21st century and you still live your life by the Bible, wrote 2 thousand years ago (2 THOUSAND!)? Either you live in a sealed capsule or you were born in the wrong time my dear. Society evolved 2 thousand years after these manuscripts were written. Do you know what it means? 1 third of all human’s stablished society history. If you still wanna live in this planet, you’d better realize you’re 2 thousand years ahead of what you think you are.

    • says

      Dear Brian,
      We assume what you meant to say was the ‘do you realize you are two thousand years BEHIND what you think you are. It does pay to check your comments before posting them.

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