Eugenics Alive and Well at Otago University

The following Press Release is by Mike Sullivan from the SavingDowns website

Otago University Bioethics Director must resign following discriminatory paper on Down syndrome

Saving Downs demands the resignation of Otago University’s Director of Bioethics following the publishing last week of a highly offensive and discriminatory paper about prenatal testing for Down syndrome.  (Gareth Jones is pictured)

Professor Jones acknowledges that “prenatal testing may result in fewer people with Down syndrome” and then attempts to dismiss any ethical concerns over such an outcome. Such a possibility is extremely problematic as it devalues the lives of people with Down syndrome by reducing their birth prevalence. It is in direct conflict with basic principles of human rights and dignity.

Professor Jones states in his paper:

Click here for the full release at SavingDowns


  1. Rhona says

    I am concerned that this seems to have been the last ‘pro-life proper’ piece on this website, and that there has been over a month of articles centred on the tangential issue of gay marriage, at the cost of pro-life coverage.

    For example, I was fortunate enough to discover that Q+A had an excellent piece in it on the Downs Syndrome eugenics controversy this morning, and eagerly watched it. Mike Sullivan was his usual excellent, articulate self and Susan Wood was a fair-minded interviewer on this issue.

    I am concerned that we are neglecting important, core pro-life issues like the abortion of unborn children with Downs Syndrome and (to be blunt) wasting time on opposing gay marriage.

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