Here’s how so called ‘Gay Marriage’ will destroy Traditional Marriage

The following article from MercatorNet a powerful social commentary website tackles the contentious issue of Same Sex Marriage.  In view of the imminent return to parliament of the Louisa Wall, Marriage (Redefinition of Marriage) Amendment Bill following Parliamentary Select Committee consideration, this article provides some important insights into the impacts on society should this bill succeed.   The article reads…

There is a small but steadily growing idea among conservatives that they can support gay marriage and remain conservative. My position is that this is not possible. Here’s why.

Gay marriage does not exist as a stand-alone policy issue. Nor is it a conservative issue, because it requires the natural family to be dismantled at the level of public policy. True conservatives support limited government, and they understand that there are other institutions which serve to limit government power. Two of these institutions are the natural family and religion.

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  1. Rhona says

    And yet, in the Australian Spectator, the outstanding young conservative and Catholic columnist John Heard has defended the legitimacy of homosexual and lesbian civil marriage.

    I remain unconvinced that we shouldn’t be prioritising euthanasia law reform as *pro-lifers* in this context. To be blunt, let Family First worry itself about the issue of homosexual and lesbian marriage. There are no other dedicated organisations apart from Right to Life and Family Life International specifically focusing attention on the issue of *euthanasia* and its threats to the vulnerable, elderly, sick and disabled.

    This issue has been neglected by other pro-life and pro-family organisations, and RTLNZ and FLI both provide excellent leadership and lobbying tools in the nightmare event that the End of Life Choices Bill is pulled from the ballot box and we are suddenly in a full-blown struggle against legalisation of euthanasia here in New Zealand.

    Please, let us be vigilant and focused on our primary concerns- pro-life issues, like euthanasia and abortion.

  2. Rhona says

    I am not sure all people opposed to homosexual or lesbian marriage, or who are pro-life, for that matter, would neccessarily describe ourselves as “conservatives”. I’d happily describe myself as a pro-life socialist, for instance, and the United States has long had groups like Feminists for Life, the Seamless Garment Network and Catholic social justice and peace organisations who would describe themselves as pro-life liberals or pro-life pacifists. For that matter, there are pro-abortion members of the US Republican, UK and Canadian Conservative, and New Zealand National Parties.

  3. Rhona says

    And there have been some excellent and thoughtful pieces on this issue from French Socialists and UK Labour MPs opposed to homosexual and lesbian marriage, don’t forget.

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