How Christians Have Partnered With Gays to Attack Marriage

The following post is by Ronald J. Sider from the Charismanews website and although referring to the United States is equally applicable to New Zealand’s current situation.

I have never made the issues of homosexuality and gay marriage a primary focus of my work. Justice for the poor and combining evangelism and social action have been central issues in my writing. But the issue of gay marriage has become so prominent, so critical, that I can’t be silent.

Within the last few years numerous states have legalized same-sex marriage. The widespread victory of legalized gay marriage was declared to be inevitable.

Why do I think biblical, Spirit-filled Christians should engage this issue with renewed wisdom and energy?

To read the full article on the Charismanews website click here.


  1. Rhona says

    Unfortunately, many of our evangelical friends seem to be quite lacking in Pentecostal fire when it comes to recognising the seriousness of the euthanasia issue, whatever their passion when it comes to defending the unborn child.

    I’m not saying that they don’t oppose euthanasia, but they don’t seem to regard it as an issue of gravity and imminent threat, as Right to Life does.

    Dare one comment that getting the homosexual and lesbian marriage issue ‘signed off’ will mean that more attention is paid to life issues like abortion, euthanasia and destructive experimentation on human embryos?

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