District Health Boards asked to confirm removal of Pro-abortion pamphlets

The following letter has been sent to the Chief Executive Officers of each of the 20 NZ District Health Boards.

Chief Executive Officer,

District Health Board,

Dear Sir

Official Information Act  – Request

The Abortion Supervisory Committee advised our Society on  4th October 2012 that it had written to all licensed institutions on  28th September 2012,

“advising that the Committee is of the view that all counselling services and literature should be neutral and that pamphlets that either promote or discourage termination are not appropriate. The Committee asked that each institution review the written material in their institutions accordingly.”

This direction followed a complaint to the Committee  by our Society of a contentious American pamphlet that was being distributed to women considering an abortion at several licensed facilities.

It is mentioned that our Society has no complaint with pamphlets that provide accurate information:

· About the development of unborn children in the first nine months of life.

· About the increased risk of breast cancer revealed by 70 international Epidemiologic studies.

· Accurate information about the potential consequences of abortion, an increased risk of sterility, of miscarriage and  premature  deliveries in future pregnancies with low birth weight.

· Risk of serious psychiatric problems, grief,  severe depression, suicidal tendencies, alcoholism, drug addiction.

· About open adoption, fostering and parenting.

As a consequence of this direction from the Abortion Supervisory Committee, I wish to ask under the Official Information Act the following information:

· Has the direction of the Committee been implemented in your licensed facility?

· Has it resulted in pamphlets being removed?

· If so, how many pamphlets were removed because they encouraged abortion?

· How many pamphlets were removed because they discouraged abortion?

· What action was taken to ensure that counselling  provided to women considering an abortion is neutral?

· What action has been taken to ensure that the Committee’s direction will continue to be implemented in the future?


Yours sincerely,

Ken Orr

for Right to Life

Background information on this issue can be found by clicking here

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