Why Euthanasia should not be be De-criminalised in New Zealand

An article written by Washington State pharmacist about the consequences of legalising Assisted Suicide in that State clearly shows the dangers inherent in any proposed change to our Euthanasia laws in New Zealand.

Abigail Robbins in Washington State and published in the Gateline on January 2, 2013 under the title: Assisted Suicide should not be the answer: Pharmacist-assisted suicide should be illegal in Washington state,  wrote:

The euthanasia drug has shown the medical industry has stopped trying to save patients from life-threatening diseases. The American Medical Association code of conduct says, “Patients should not be abandoned once it is determined that cure is impossible.”
Seventy-one people died from the drug. And fewer people take it for pain than for the fact they have stopped being able to do the things they enjoy doing.
Less than 25 percent of the patients who take the pills take them for pain, and more than 50 percent take it for loss of autonomy.
Many patients take the pill because they will be a nuisance to their families. In fact, 88 percent who get the pills do so because they think they will burden their loved ones.

Supporters of assisted suicide believe if people are going to die, they should be able to do so peacefully instead of dying painfully.
In order to get the drug, patients must be terminal with at least six months left to live.
However, if you do take the drug, you may not die. About 20 percent of those who take it don’t perish.

Lets wake up New Zealand and reject any change to our laws. Dangerous political moves by politicians such as Maryan Street are only a draw away in our parliament’s ballot box.


  1. Rhona says

    Hear, hear! What a magnificent piece and I’m so glad you reprinted this one, Right to Life. What do disability rights groups in Washington state think about this evil legislation, though?

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