Euthanasia Road-Show Coming to a Town near you?

A new breed of determined euthanasia advocacy seems to be arising. It comes this time with a new disguise. The  Voluntary Euthanasia Society (VES), whose president is Elizabeth Sweeney,  have set up a ‘front brand’ called ‘End- of- Life Choice’ for their campaign in support of Ms Street’s Euthanasia Bill, itself euphemistically titled End-of-Life Choice bill.   This Private Members Bill currently sits in the ballot box, and may be drawn at any time.

The VES have kicked off what appears to be a national campaign to pedal euthanasia across the nation by announcing a public meeting in Whangarei on Nov 1st.  The keynote speaker is Yvonne Shaw, who hails from the US State of Oregon. She appears to have been specifically brought into the country as the VES’s Media and Political Relations Manager, to advise and assist them in promoting their cause. Ms Shaw played a leading role in the passing of euthanasia laws in the state of Oregon. (Oregon is one of two US states that allows state sanctioned killing).

Right to Life urges concerned New Zealanders to attend the Whangarei meeting which will be held in the  Cafler Room, Forum North, Whangarei, from 7pm on November 1, to debate this issue and to make their opinion known that Euthanasia is not needed and not wanted in this country. Watch out for more of these meetings being advertised around the country.

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