Pro-Life Action Plan Bulletins reach publication number 100

Update: Maria Corkin and her father Tony Brebner have made the pro-life bulletins available for church use of all denominations and have now produced over 100 separate publications. Right to Life expresses their thanks for this important work which we believe is saving lives. Below we reproduce an earlier post which gives more details. The bulletins are in the format of PDF documents and may be downloaded using the above link from the Right to Life site. 

Pro-life Action group: Early in 2010 a group of committed pro-life people, from various Christian denominations in New Zealand, developed the Pro-life Action plan, which aims to promote awareness and understanding of pro-life issues amongst Christians.

The aspects of this simple plan include weekly pro-life bulletins, a pro-life prayer and pro-life signs for churches to use. As a future goal, we also hope to offer seminars to better equip pastors and priests to minister to those coping with an unplanned or difficult pregnancy or suffering after an abortion.

Every church is welcome to take part in this project. Each week, we send through pro-life bulletins to be included in church newsletters. These weekly bulletins provide pro-life information that over time will lead to a greater level of awareness and understanding of important life issues. The majority of bulletins are written by Bernard Moran, President and Communications Manager for Voice for Life. We also receive contributions from a range of other pro-life groups. The ultimate aim is that individuals and church communities will be better equipped to reach out into the community: to support those needing help to cope with crisis pregnancy and to bring healing to those who have been hurt by abortion.

Several churches throughout our country have already erected signs to show they care for those who are experiencing a crisis pregnancy and giving a phone number to ring for help. These signs are provided by Family Life International.

We also hope that, on an individual level, the Pro-life Action bulletins will enable us all to become better informed and increasingly well-equipped to offer support where we have the opportunity to reach out to others in our own lives.

We warmly invite all churches to helps join with us in the Pro-life Action plan. If your church is interested in becoming involved or finding out more, please send an inquiry to

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