Child Killing Proposal by Southland District Health Board – Abortion Clinic Kew Hospital, Invercargill

Right to Life opposes the proposal of the Southern District Health Board, [Southern DHB]to establish a killing centre for Southland unborn children at the Kew Hospital. This is bad news for the women of Southland and for their unborn and indeed for the whole community of Southland. It is a violation of the right to life of unborn children and a failure to provide proper care for vulnerable and distressed women. Is this the best “service” that the Southern DHB can offer the women of Southland?

The proposed killing centre is opposed by the staff of the Kew Hospital and by many in the community. The Southern DHB have not consulted the community and are imposing this Abortion Clinic on the citizens of Southland. Why is this? The citizens of Southland and the churches should vigorously oppose this culture of death posing as a health service.

The Chief Medical Officer of the Board stated that the Kew Hospital is expected to be able to perform abortions from July and that the service would ensure women had “adequate access to care in their own district”. It is a travesty to call the killing of an innocent and defenceless child in the womb care. How do we provide care for a vulnerable woman by killing her baby and then call it a service?

The Board does not have a statutory duty to establish an abortion clinic at the Kew Hospital. There is no requirement in the C S and A Act 1977, that mandates that it apply to the Abortion Supervisory Committee for a licence to terminate the lives of unborn children.The decision and responsibility of inflicting this “service” on the people of Southland rests solely with the Board.

Since the passing of the Contraception Sterilisation and Abortion Act in 1977, the staff at Kew Hospital and the citizens of Southland have a proud record of promoting a culture of life by refusing to permit the establishment of an Abortion Clinic in their Hospital. Let us keep Southland abortion free.

The Board has a duty to the community that it serves to provide health services that protect life and promote health. Abortion is not a genuine health service and there is no place for a culture of death in the Kew hospital which is dedicated to protecting  the life and the health of patients.  It is abhorrent that healthy babies in potentially normal pregnancies should be terminated in pseudo legal abortions in a hospital where heroic efforts are made to save premature babies.

The establishment of abortion facilities in Invercargill should be opposed by the citizens and churches of Southland. It is always wrong to kill the innocent and we all have a duty to defend the right to life of every human being especially unborn children who are the weakest and most defenceless members of the human family.

Abortion not only kills an unborn child, it is also damaging to women’s health. It can result in a lifetime of sorrow and regret for the mother, sterility, an increased risk of breast cancer and premature deliveries in subsequent pregnancies. Women who face an unplanned pregnancy deserve compassion and help in bringing their child to birth. No child is unwanted as there are many families that would love to adopt a baby in an open adoption.

Doctors and nurses at the Kew Hospital should seek the protection of Section 46 of the Contraception Sterilisation and Abortion Act and refuse on conscience grounds to be involved in abortion.

Ken Orr


Right to Life.


  1. Larissa says

    This propaganda is revolting and I hope you fail at trying to destroy the PERSONAL rights of people with uteri.

    • says

      Sorry Larissa,
      You will need to be a bit more specific as to what you are attempting to say here before we can comment further.

  2. John says

    Im am sick of this, why are women getting pregnant with all the options that are out there, condoms,morning after pill, I mean come on we don’t need these killing doctors,

  3. bob says

    John it takes two to make a baby!!!!!!!!!! How about males take some responsibility before just blaming the woman!!,Also What about contraception that fails woman??Yes hre is nothing nice about the reality off abortion but every one has circumstances so no one person can be grouped into the one!!!

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