“Dignity” Episode of TV Programme ‘Law and Order’

Late last night (Tuesday 3rd April 2010) on TV 3 the programme ‘Law and Order’ featured an episode titled “Dignity”  that featured the topic of abortion. This programme was screened in the US in October 2009.

Father Frank Pavone of Priests for Life commented at the time of the US screening..”If you are tired about how the secular media and entertainment industry always slant anything that has to do with abortion in a pro-abortion direction (and Right to Life comments here that ‘Law and Oder’ normally is no exception to this trend), take 42 minutes and click on the link below”.  Unfortunately the link provided is not available.

The pro-abortion blogs (at the time) immediately went berserk. Here is just one example.  The title “  The "Law and Order" Abortion Disaster and The Wasteland of TV, gives some example of the outrage that this episode elicited. How extraordinary, given the almost exclusively ‘one way street’  way in which  TV has presented this issue over the last decades.

To read Fr Frank Pavone on his pro-life website Priests for Life, comments click here

Note: Although fiction, Right to Life agrees with the verdict of the  US Court found in this TV programme story.

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