Abortion violates the Human Rights of Fathers

Fathers1Right to Life is concerned at the glaring imbalance that exists in law, in regard to the rights of  men to defend the lives of the children they have fathered. Fatherhood commences at conception. Children in the womb, just like children who have been born, have a right to the love and protection of their father. Fathers have an inalienable right to protect their children. Our abortion law cruelly silences and rejects fathers, violating their human rights. Fathers are amongst the many silent victims of abortion.

New Zealand abortion law discriminates against fathers because it makes no provision whatsoever for their having a say in whether their child will be allowed to be born. It allows for the murder of their children at the sole decision of the mothers. There is no requirement for fathers to be consulted or even informed of the murder of their children. That the law does not recognise the father’s right to protect his child from being killed is one of the most an appalling violation of human rights in our country.

Why does society condone and ignore the grief and pain of fathers who are prohibited from preventing the murder of their child? [Read more...]

‘Do you want us to let you die?’: The bleak new reality in care homes for the elderly

elderly asked questionThe following post by Hillary White is cross posted from LifeSite.

“Do you want us to let you die?” It’s not exactly the sort of question one expects to hear when talking to a health professional when you’re living in a care home. But that’s exactly what happens all the time, according to an article published by the Daily Mail this week, which says that it is becoming routine for nurses to ask elderly patients whether they “would agree” to a Do Not Resuscitate order.

The first thing I thought when I read it was, “Oh yes, they’ve been doing this sort of thing for ages. Why is it only becoming news now?”

I still remember the day my dear friend John Muggeridge brought home a form they’d given him in the care facility where his wife, Anne Roche Muggeridge lived. [Read more...]

Abortion the New Slavery


Those who promote abortion today share the same philosophy as those who supported the ownership of slaves in the United States in the nineteenth century. Everyone who supported slavery was free, everyone who supports abortion is born. Slavery tore American society apart and ended with a civil war. Likewise abortion is a burden on the conscience of this nation. It will only be healed with the abolition of abortion.

  • Slave owners claimed that Negroes were not human beings and had no human rights. Abortion supporters claim that unborn children are not human beings and do not have a right to life.
  • Slave owners claimed that they had a human right to own slaves. Supporters of abortion claim that abortion is a human right.
  • Slave owners claimed that slaves were “property and that they could do with them as they wished.” Abortion advocates claim that unborn children are the property of the mother and that it is her choice whether  she has a live baby or a dead baby.
  •  Slave owners claimed that they had a human right to choose to own slaves. Abortion supporters claim that they have a human right to choose abortion.
  • Slave owners claimed that owning slaves was for the good of the slaves as they were fed and clothed. Abortion promoters claim that killing a child in the womb is a kindness; it is unkind to bring a child into the world who is “unwanted” or who has a disability.

Both slavery and abortion are intrinsically evil; they are an abomination and represent the tyranny of the strong over the weak. Everyone who supported slavery was free; everyone who supports abortion is born.

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Abortion Advocacy Group Defames Pro-Life Health Professionals

DrStethoscope.jpgALRANZ is dishonest and hypocritical in setting up a website to list doctors who are known to oppose the killing of innocent unborn children and who are not prepared to prescribe contraception. The list while intended to shame doctors is in effect, a ‘roll of honour’ for our medical practitioners and will assist citizens who want a medical practitioner who is protective of women and is opposed to the killing of the unborn who are the weakest and most defenceless members of our human family.

Right to Life warmly commends those doctors who uphold the sanctity of life of every human being from conception to natural death. These doctors recognise that the murder of the unborn is not a health service and that the contraceptive pill is in fact  an abortifacient that has a tertiary action of destroying the human embryo before implantation.

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Abortion Law Reform Association Releases ‘Defamatory Website’

Right to Life is concerned that ALRANZ (The Abortion Law Reform Association of New Zealand) is denigrating the good name and reputations of health professionals who believe that abortion is a harmful choice. They have just released a website entitled ‘My Decision’. The purpose of which is to ‘name and shame’ health practitioners who exercise their conscience rights to refuse to provide what ALRANZ calls ‘Reproductive Health-Care Services’. In other words, the website targets those doctors and practitioners who are not willing to refer a woman to an abortionist or to provide contraception.

Health practitioners can conscientiously object to the provision of such a request in accordance with S174 of the Health Practitioners Competence Assurance Act 2003 and this was further clarified by a 2010 Court judgment. The only requirement of the health professional is to inform the person that to obtain that ‘service’ they can see another health practitioner.

As stated in the best practice guide of the New Zealand Health Professionals Alliance;

“Upon what universally accepted principle should individuals be forced to give up their own convictions and be made to act upon the contrary moral beliefs of an employer, union, professional association or state?”

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Baby delivered as woman refused abortion under law

While it would appear that death is now almost a certainty for any unborn child born in Ireland, whose mother does not want to have it, (under Ireland’s new liberalised abortion legislation), that one fortunate child has managed to run the gauntlet, and escape the noose.

A 25 year old Irish woman has been refused an abortion under that country’s new laws and the baby has been delivered by Caesarean section after the woman went on a hunger strike.

Thank goodness that in this single case, we have seen legislation working to preserve the life of an unborn child rather than to kill it.

The woman wanted to abort her late second trimester unborn child, claiming she was suicidal.

Three psychiatrists hearing the case determined that the young women’s life was at risk because she was having suicidal thoughts. Thankfully the consultant obstetrician determined that the baby could be delivered as it was far enough along in the pregnancy. The baby is reported to be doing well.

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Moody’s warns investors: Aging to reduce economic growth worldwide

The following post by Shannon Roberts is from MercatorNet’s  Demography is Destiny website and is cross-posted here. There are a number of factors that are impacting the rapid aging of the worlds population.  Abortion is undoubtedly the greatest.  Children are the world’s most precious resource and yet we are killing them by the millions.  Article starts……  

The Moody’s Global Credit Research Team, which regularly prepares reports for investors and finance firms, warned investors this month in a special report that ‘the unprecedented pace of aging’ will slow economic growth over the next 20 years worldwide. 

Aging reduces economic growth because it reduces labour supply, and causes saving rates to decline which reduces business investment.  It makes sense that over 65’s are spending their savings, rather than making further investments.

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Abortion does not Criminalise Women. Why is the Public being led to believe that it does?

Media Release 12 August 2014

Advocates for the killing of unborn children falsely claim that the abortion laws criminalise women; they don’t.  The abortion laws in New Zealand are in the Crimes Act to both protect women and their unborn.

In the defence of women, Right to Life challenges those who claim to represent women but advocate for the anti-feminist decriminalisation of abortion. Their politically correct language is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable.  They betray women by seeking to remove the legal protection afforded by the Crimes Act, for the health and welfare of women and the life of their precious unborn children.

The Crimes Act does not criminalise women, Section 185,  Female procuring her own miscarriage was repealed on 16 December 1977. Section 183 Procuring abortion by any means, provides for a person who unlawfully administers to or causes to be taken by her any drug or any noxious thing, or unlawfully uses on her any instrument to procure an abortion to be charged before the court.  A person found guilty of procuring an unlawful abortion may be sentenced to a term of imprisonment not exceeding 14 years.

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I Support Pro-Life Doctor Chazan

Please sign this petition organised by Citizen Go

Support the world renowned Professor of Medicine, Dr. Bogdan Chazan, who was fired from his position as the Director of Holy Family Hospital in Warsaw, Poland for refusing to perform an abortion.

Dr. Chazan, a highly respected doctor, was fired for not performing an abortion. He claimed his freedom of conscience, but that argument was not (apparently) strong enough for the Mayor. 

Instead of offering abortion services, Dr. Chazan offered: medical advice for the mother, hospital care before, during and after the pregnancy, and perinatal hospice care for the child.

Dr. Chazan’s story published around the globe as a full-on assault on pro-life doctors.  Help us stand for the rights of pro-life doctors. Sign our petition to the Mayor of Warsaw in support of Dr. Chazan.

  add your name to this important petition which has reached over 74,000 signatures as at 8th Aug 2014

Are Human Embryo’s Just Another Commodity?


Professor Gareth Jones BSc [Hon] MBBs [Lond] DSC (W. Aust) Emeritus Professor from the University of Otago’s anatomy and bio-ethics department, writing in the New Zealand Medical Journal, claims that it is unethical and inconsistent for a society that accepts IVF to prohibit human embryo research on surplus human embryos. Right to Life strongly opposes the proposal of Professor Gareth Jones on the grounds that it is unethical and immoral.

The HART Storage Amendment Act requires that from 22 November 2014, any human embryos that have been stored for ten years are required to be destroyed and discarded, unless they have been granted an extension by ACART. There are believed to be 10,000 embryos affected that are currently frozen in liquid nitrogen and stored in the six IVF clinics in New Zealand.

In 2008, the Advisory Committee on Assisted Reproductive Technology [ACART}recommended to the government that approval be given for the so called “spare “ embryos frozen and stored in IVF Clinics to be used for research. This research would entail the destruction of these embryonic human beings. The Minister of Health, the Hon Tony Ryall, to his great credit, supported by intense lobbying from Right to Life and other pro-life organisations, rejected the recommendation of ACART, stating that there is no consensus. [Read more...]