Dirty Deeds but UN Bully Boys Fail to Corrupt African Nations

The following article by By Stefano Gennarini, J.D. at  C-Fam   exposes the tactics of the UNFPA’s (United Nations Population Fund) in its attempts to impose on African nations, their own agenda, which includes the promotion of the moral equivalence of any kind of sexual activity, including homosexual behavior, teaching children as young as 4-5 about masturbation, the right for those children to choose their gender and reproductive health policies, (aka abortion on demand).

Fortunately this time, unlike on previous occasions, where they met with success in bullying sovereign nations such as El Salvador and The Philippines, their attempts did not succeed.  With around $1 Billion dollars of funding behind them and the support of many liberal western governments behind them too, the machinery of the UNFPA and a huge range of NGO’s steadily work away to erode time honoured traditional morals and values in the third World. The UNFPA and their ilk are not concerned with the health and well being of children and poor populations as much as promoting their own notions of sexuality through the enforcement of UN policy.

The article below was released by C-FAM on 18th April 2015 with the title;

UN Population Commission Shell shocked By Resistance To Sexual Agenda

The end to the 48th Session of the UN commission on population and development (CPD) was somber. The atmosphere in the room was muted and still. After two weeks of negotiations an agreement could not be reached on how to integrate population policies in the post-2015 development agenda—the purpose and theme of the commission this year.

You could hear a pin drop as Nigeria informed the chair of the commission that her chair’s text of the draft resolution needed just a few tweaks that would only take 10 minutes. She would have none of it. [Read more…]

Abortion Law Reform Association “Essential Medical Service” ALRANZ Supporting Violence against Women

The Abortion Law Reform Association [ALRANZ] believes that a woman should have the right to have her child killed for any reason up to birth. The Association is fearful that the Family Planning Association is in danger of losing its licence to kill children in their first nine weeks of life at its Tauranga clinic. ALRANZ claims that this is an essential medical service, is safer, cheaper and is less traumatic for patients. This claim is patently and absurdly false.

The women of New Zealand are not deceived by the false claims of ALRANZ that the killing of the unborn in potentially normal pregnancies is an essential medical service.  It is a cruel and heartless deception. Abortion is violence against women and their children. It is the ultimate in child abuse. New Zealand has the fifth worst record of child abuse in the OECD. On average, 37 born children are murdered in New Zealand every year. This is not surprising when 14,000 unborn children are murdered in their mother’s womb each year. ALRANZ clearly supports this horrendous child abuse.  RU 486 was first marketed by New Zealand company Istar. It is disturbing that this company is named after the Babylonian goddess Istar to whom children were sacrificed. It is even more disturbing that all of this companies directors and shareholders are or were former abortionists with a vested interest in abortion.

ALRANZ claims that abortion is safe. Is it safe for the child who is violently deprived of their life?  Is it safe for the mother, who is left with a lifetime of sorrow, guilt and regret.

Every child is a unique and unrepeatable miracle of creation, endowed by its creator with human rights, the foundation right being an inalienable right to life. Each child is created and endowed with special gifts to enrich our society. Each child is created to love and to be loved. ALRANZ claims that we need access to abortion to have what it calls  “reproductive justice”. To deprive a child of its life  is however a great injustice. Why does ALRANZ refuse to acknowledge that the unborn child has an inalienable right to life?  [Read more…]

New Poll is Simplistic and Biased in Favour of Euthanasia

Right to Life is disappointed at the deceptive and biased national poll conducted in March by Research New Zealand. The poll is a disservice to the whole community especially the disabled, the aged and those with Dementia and Alzheimer’s This poll does not contribute to an informed debate on whether Parliament  should change the law on homicide to allow doctors to kill their patients or assist in their suicide.

The following questions were asked in the poll:

1. Suppose a person has a painful incurable disease. Do you think  that doctors should be allowed by law to end the patient’s life if the patient requests it?

2. Still thinking of that person with a painful incurable disease, do you think that someone else, like a close relative, should be allowed by law to help end the patient’s life, if the patient requests it?

The questionnaire fails to recognise a number of dangerous provisions in the contentious, End of Life Choice Euthanasia Bill. which although currently withdrawn from the ballot still remains in contention.  Firstly this bill drafted by Labour MP,  Maryan Street, provides for any person who is disabled or who has a condition that in the patient’s view results in a quality of life that is unacceptable to the patient, may request to be killed by their doctor. That means that any person who has a disability or has a condition like depression, dementia or Alzheimer’s, may request that a doctor give them a lethal injection. It means that even teenagers who are experiencing ongoing severe depression may be eligible for being euthanased by a doctor.

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The Assault on Medical Ethics- Demise of Doctors who Respect Right to Life

It is time to rise from our slumber. There is an international war being waged on the conscience of the medical profession.

The culture of death that imposes abortion and euthanasia on a society demands that doctors are submissive and complicit in depriving their patients of life. There is absolutely no place for doctors with a conscience in this new culture particularly for those who respect the sanctity of life of every human being from conception to natural death.

Our conscience is our most precious possession. It has been conferred on us by our Creator to guide us on our journey, to help us to choose good and to avoid evil.

The End of Life Choice bill currently out of the ballot awaiting its return by Labour, Section 26, of the bill requires that if a doctor is not prepared to be involved with killing his patient he/she has a legal duty to refer the patient to a doctor who will facilitate the killing. Doctors who refuse to comply could be struck off the register and denied the right to practice medicine.

The Green Party are drafting a Private Members bill to decriminalise abortion. Right to Life has been advised that doctors will be required to authorise an abortion, or refer the woman to a doctor who will. This is an assault on the conscience of doctors who respect life.

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Right to Life Challenges Abortion Supervisory Committee in High Court

Family Plannings Tauranga Clinic where Medical Abortions take the lives of Unborn Children

Right to Life is seeking a Declaratory Judgement on the lawfulness of an abortion licence, first issued in 2013, by the Abortion Supervisory Committee to the New Zealand Family Planning Association [FPA]. The licence was  issued for its Tauranga clinic. The Registrar of the High Court in Wellington has advised that the hearing will take  place in Wellington on 2 June 2015.

The Crown Law Office will represent the respondent in the High Court and the FPA will be represented by its solicitor.

The Contraception Sterilisation and Abortion Act was enacted in 1977 and provided only for surgical abortions. At that time there were no medical abortions. The Act specifies that a licence may be issued for surgical abortions if, “there are in the institution, adequate surgical and other facilities and adequate and competent staff for the performance of safe abortions.”

Right to Life is totally committed to helping to keep our communities safe by vigorously opposing the plans of Family Planning to convert its 30 clinics nationwide into killing centres for innocent and defenceless unborn children. Abortion is violence against women and their precious unborn, it is part of the war against women.

The FPA performs only medical abortions at its Tauranga clinic. The Act does not provide for the issuing of licences for institutions where only medical abortions are performed.  Right to Life contends that Family Planning’s Tauranga clinic  licence is unlawful. The FPA provides for the  killing of unborn children in the first nine weeks of life by medical abortions using the lethal murder pill, Mifepristone, RU 486. The drug acts by killing the tiny child by starvation.

This is an important issue, In 2011 the FPA announced that it was its intention to seek an abortion licence for each of its 30 clinics in New Zealand. Right to Life believes that the FPA has delayed seeking further abortion licences until the High Court  has made its Declaratory Judgement.

Ken Orr


Right to Life.

Law Commission Must Not Be Asked to Promote Homicide

euthanasia8 Right to Life is opposed to the recommendation of Green Member of Parliament, Keith Hague MP, that the government instruct the Law Commission to lead a public consultation on euthanasia. Sir Grant Hammond, President of the Law Commission, in February told the Justice and Electoral Parliamentary Select Committee, that the Commission “was stretched to the limit” with its work load.

Euthanasia is about doctors killing their patients or assisting in their suicide. Both murder and assisting in suicide are serious crimes. They are, in the Crimes Act to protect the vulnerable in society.

The role of the Law Commission, established in 1986, is to promote the systematic review of the law, its reform and the development of the law in New Zealand. The great American statesman, Benjamin Franklin said that the first and only duty of government is to legislate for the protection of human life and not to preside over the destruction of mankind. Human life remains the most precious shared value of New Zealanders –the right to life and the right to protect life. Life is a sacred trust from the Creator. This principle is enshrined in New Zealand law since the founding of our nation in 1840. It is reaffirmed in the New Zealand Bill of Rights.

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Always Care, Never Kill: How Physician-Assisted Suicide Endangers the Weak, Corrupts Medicine, Compromises the Family, and Violates Human Dignity and Equality

EWTN News The following article  from the Heritage Foundation website concisely details the dangers inherent in Physician Assisted Suicide. The abstract of the article is presented below the video. The article is by Ryan T. Anderson.

Allowing physician-assisted suicide would be a grave mistake for four reasons. First, it would endanger the weak and vulnerable. Second, it would corrupt the practice of medicine and the doctor–patient relationship. Third, it would compromise the family and intergenerational commitments. And fourth, it would betray human dignity and equality before the law. Instead of helping people to kill themselves, we should offer them appropriate medical care and human presence. We should respond to suffering with true compassion and solidarity. Doctors should help their patients to die a dignified death of natural causes, not assist in killing. Physicians are always to care, never to kill.

High Court Action Threatens lives of Vulnerable

Right to Life is disappointed that Lecretia Seales is to seek the High Court’s permission to have her doctor assist in her suicide, self murder, or provide her with a lethal injection.

Right to Life is moved with compassion for Lecretia who is tragically enduring an inoperable brain tumour and is understandably fearful of experiencing a painful death. We are blessed in New Zealand with having excellent hospices that provide world class palliative care with pain control and a dignified death. There is no need to kill the patient to control pain.

Lecretia claims that it is her right to choose to kill herself and that it is a human right.

This claim is challenged, there is no human right to choose to kill oneself. Since the beginning of civilisation it has been held that we do not have a right to kill ourselves or seek assistance in suicide.There is no such right recognised by the United Nations in any Convention.

Life is a precious gift given to us by our Creator a gift that must be guarded and protected. A gift over which we have stewardship but not dominion. Assisted suicide and doctors being permitted to kill their patients, violates justice and gives grave offence to our Creator.

At conception every human being is endowed with an inalienable right to life, it may not be taken from us, nor may we give it up.

Should the High Court consent to hear Lecretia’s petition, she will be placing in jeopardy the right to life of the elderly, the disabled and the seriously ill who do not want to be deprived of their lives. May the anticipated High Court hearing be a further impetus to our nation to ensure that every person has access to loving  quality palliative care with pain control and death with dignity. There is no dignity in being killed by your doctor.

In the event of the High Court consenting to hear Lecretia’s unwise petition, Right to Life will consider seeking the High Court’s permission to make a submission in the defence of the vulnerable in our community, respectfully opposing her petition.

Ken Orr


Right to Life.

Why I stand and pray for an end to abortion

https://acultureoflife.files.wordpress.com/2011/10/christholdingunbornchildstatue.jpgThe Following article is by MIchelle Kaufman and is from her A Culture of Life Blog (March 22nd 2015)

As I arrived at AMAC (the Auckland Medical Aid Centre – an abortion facility) this afternoon to pray for an end to abortion, for all those involved and most especially for the mothers and babies, I was greeted by a beautiful sight.

A young mother was standing just outside the doors of AMAC, holding her little girl – she must have been about 7 months – and they were delighting in the small world flags flapping in the wind.  These flags are adorning all the buildings down Dominion Road for the Cricket World Cup.

How wonderful it was to see the joy on both of their faces!

But then my heart sunk.  Just above their heads was the theatre where pre-born children are ripped from their mother’s wombs.  I could see the theatre walls and the instrument trolleys.  The sheer number of mothers and babies who would never experience this moment of joy weighed heavily on my heart.

And I wondered why on a sunny Sunday afternoon it was so difficult to get more than one person to turn up and beg God’s mercy for this horrendous act against human life.  (Thankfully a little later, someone else arrived to pray with me).

What would the outcry be if the children being sacrificed in the name of choice and convenience were already born?  Would the Christian Church speak out with force?  Would we see the social justice committees rallying up parishioners to stand outside the facilities where the atrocious act was happening: to beg God’s mercy, to provide help and support for the families who felt they had no other choice, to offer alternatives?

Or would there be silence?

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Euthanasia – A Culture of Death

Dutch Euthanasia advocate, Dr Jonquiere has completed his meetings in New Zealand. His objective in coming here was to convince the community that we should support Parliament changing the law to allow doctors to kill their patients or assist in their suicide.

The killing of the ill and disabled however is not only dangerous for the community it is morally wrong, no matter what the motive.

Every human life from the moment of conception to natural death has an inalienable right to life which may not be taken from us, nor may we give it up.

The commandment “Thou shalt not kill” was engraved in the souls of man long before it was enshrined in the Crimes Act. We ignore it at our peril. The murder of a human being is gravely contrary to the dignity of the person and is a crime against humanity. [Read more…]