Green Party’s Incoherent Child Policy

Right to Life applauds Metiria Turei, co-leader of the Green Party on announcing on 17th May, a generous  Kids Kiwisaver scheme that would give to every newborn, a kick-start deposit of $1,000.

“Kids KiwiSaver is designed to complement our measures to address poverty directly by building wealth over the medium-to-long term, enabling all our children to make the best start in life possible when they reach adulthood,” said Mrs Turei.

This scheme will be a great financial start for children at birth to deliver a more secure future. This is in accordance with the Party’s laudable children’s policy which has among its aims “Creating a safe, nurturing, non-violent environment for children”, and “giving every child the best start in life”.

The best start in life for every child is to be allowed to be born.

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Video: 9 Months in the Womb in 4 Incredible Minutes


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Foetal development is an astounding process. The development of human life in the womb is truly astonishing and this video capture the miraculous nature of it. A great deal about us — such as our height, eye colour, skin tone, etc. — is determined at the moment of fertilization. The daily, weekly, and monthly development of the zygote, embryo, and foetus is demonstrated here, right up until the moment of birth. It’s a good reminder of why we must proclaim the right to life for every human being from the first moment of existence.

Euthanasia’s Cancerous Corruption of Medical Morality

This post is a re post of a post on the website on 15th May 2015 and written by Wesley J. Smith

During World War II, German doctors euthanized disabled babies and adults. As Robert Jay Lifton reported in The Nazi Doctors: Medical Killing and the Psychology of Genocide, no one forced these doctors to kill. Many of them believed euthanasia to be a “healing treatment” that ended “unlivable” lives, liberated families from the burden of caregiving, and kept the country from “wasting” scarce resources on the lebensunwertes leben (“life unworthy of life”). Such was the fruit of years of utilitarian indoctrination and the resulting societal acceptance of eugenics ideology.

At the time, Netherlander doctors were well aware that German medical ethics had devolved. Thus, when the German commander of the occupation, Arthur Seyss-Inquart (now known as “the Butcher of Holland”), commanded that Dutch medical practices adjust to the German way, Netherlander doctors courageously defied the order.

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What Every Woman Has a Right To Know – The Abortion Breast Cancer Link

Every woman has the right to know that having an abortion increases the risk of her developing and dying from breast cancer.

Doctors who fail to warn women seeking an abortion that they increase the risk of developing breast cancer leave themselves open to being sued by women for failing to warn them of the increased risk of breast cancer.

A recent study has confirmed that if a woman terminates the life of her child in the womb, she increases the risk of developing breast cancer. The research was conducted by Biochemical researchers at Georgia Regents University, in Augusta Georgia. Their research found that the gene DNM1 which is essential to maintaining breast cells that enable normal rapid growth of the breasts during pregnancy, also produces stem cells that may enable breast cancer to develop. If the pregnancy is aborted, it abruptly halts the development of cells for the production of milk cells, thus making the cells susceptible to cancer. The study also indicates that delaying a first pregnancy until after the age of 30 also raises a woman’s risk of contracting breast cancer.

It is a human tragedy that each year 650 women die in New Zealand from breast cancer and that every year 2800 women are diagnosed with it. Ninety five per cent of women contracting breast cancer are over the age of forty. According to the American Coalition On Abortion Breast Cancer, one woman in 100 woman having an abortion is expected to die as a result of abortion induced breast cancer. That means that 140 women in New Zealand will die each year as a result of abortion induced breast cancer.

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The Evil Actions of Barack Obama

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WASHINGTON, D.C., May 13, 2015 ( – A bill that would ban abortions after 20-weeks to prevent late-term babies from feeling the searing pain of abortion is “disgraceful,” President Obama’s official spokesman said today.

The remarks from Josh Earnest, White House press secretary, came as the House stood poised to pass the Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act. The bill would create a national prohibition on most abortions after 20 weeks gestation, a point at which experts have testified babies have the ability to feel pain. [Read more…]

Justice Demands a Referendum to Recognise Right to Life of Our Unborn Children

Right to Life believes that the government’s imposition of a referendum on the people of New Zealand to change our nation’s flag is a distraction from the real justice issue that the government continues to ignore. The first duty of the  government is to protect the lives of every member of the community. That it refuses to do this in an indictment on its ability to govern.

Right to Life urges the government to have a binding referendum, the question being “do you recognise the child before birth being a human being endowed by its Creator with human rights, the foundation right being an inalienable right to life?”

A nation that focuses on the need for a new flag while not only refusing to acknowledge the injustice being perpetrated against our unborn but actually aiding and abetting that injustice is one that is sowing the seeds of its own demise. [Read more…]

Letter to Murray McCully – China Killing Christians and Political Prisoners

Murray McCullyMr Murray McCully,

Minister of Foreign Affairs,

8th May 2015.

Dear Mr McCully

China Killing Christians and Political Prisoners and Harvesting Organs

I would be grateful if you would advise if the government recognises the killing of Christians and political prisoners and the selling of organs of these prisoners by the Chinese government as a violation of human rights.

In concentration camps throughout China, Christians and practitioners of the spiritual discipline Falun Gong have been detained with the approval of the Chinese communist regime since 1999, simply for practicing their belief. They have not been charged with any crime and they are killed solely to enable the harvesting of their organs.

During the spring of 2006, much evidence of the most ghastly aspect of the persecution emerged. Falun Gong practitioners and Christians have been executed for their organs.

The existence of forced organ harvesting from living Falun Gong practitioners for transplantation has been proven beyond any doubt. From 2002 to 2006, more than 41,500 organ transplants were done in China.

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Mothers Day Painful for Those Who Have Aborted a Child

Media Release  Sunday 10th May 2015

On this day that we celebrate motherhood let us remember those mothers who have tragically lost a child through abortion.  For many, Mother’s day can be a day of great sadness. Mothers never ever forget their child lost in abortion and often experience a lifetime of regret, grief and sorrow. We should acknowledge their pain and share their grief. We should mourn with those that weep.

There are in our community tens of thousands of women who have been deeply wounded by the loss of their child in abortion, they grieve in silence, because our society refuses to acknowledge their pain  Many of these women were coerced into having an abortion that they did not want.


Mother’s Day is a beautiful day celebrating the blessings of motherhood. Motherhood commences at conception and from the very moment of the miracle of conception of a new human being in the womb of a woman,  that woman is instantly transformed into a mother. There is no greater dignity than this.

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Elder Abuse on the Rise in Countries where Euthanasia Legalised

old age euthanasia Right to Life Media Release  6th May 2015

Experience in countries that have legalised doctors killing their patients or assisting in their suicide reveal an alarming increase in Elder Abuse.

Age Concern charity estimates that between 17,000 and 25,000 older Kiwis experience some sort of abuse each year”. What is even worse is that about 75% of all alleged abusers are family members. Recently the Senior Citizens Minister, Maggie Barry, released the 2014 Report on the Positive Ageing Strategy, “that found that each year about 3-10 per cent of older people are subjected to physical, psychological, sexual or financial abuse, and predicted that rate would increase.”

In April a 80 year-old woman suffering dementia in the Netherlands was given a lethal injection to kill her after her family obtained a court order obliging the care facility for the elderly where she was living, to let her leave in order to fulfil her “death wish.” The woman was incapable of expressing her will. She was legally killed one day after having left the Clinic “Ter Reede” in Flushing. The management, medical staff, and the woman’s general practitioner were all opposed to the killing of this helpless patient.

The case marks a milestone in the slippery slope of legal euthanasia in the Netherlands and should be a warning to New Zealand. This is the first time a doctor’s decision not to kill a patient because of his or her mental incapacitation, has been overridden by a court. This is plainly and simply judicial murder.

Every human being has an inalienable right to life and has intrinsic dignity as a unique and unrepeatable miracle of God’s creation.

The Dutch Medical Association (KNMG) wants to loosen the definition of “unbearable suffering” for euthanasia qualification to include non-medical issues. New guidelines will certainly change that.  These social factors include matters such as “loneliness,” strained “financial resources,” and a “loss of social skills.”These guidelines are an encouragement to abuse of the elderly. A recent study revealed that 52 per cent of Dutch doctors in the group of 800 who specialise in euthanasia would be prepared to give those with dementia a lethal dose. Twenty -five per cent of euthanasia killings in Holland are without the request of the patient. Thirty per cent of patients in Holland who request euthanasia, believe that they are a burden on their family and society.

According to Alzheimers New Zealand, there are 53,000 patients with dementia in this country, with a further 40,000 undiagnosed. This is expected to increase to 200,000 in fifty years. It costs $954 million a year to treat dementia plus $37 million for carers. In fifty years, the cost will be more than $4 Billion.

With an increasing aging population and  reduced health spending, if we legalised the killing of the aged, the disabled, and the seriously ill, we could follow the example of Oregon where the Department of Health following the introduction of doctor assisted suicide in 1997, cut back on health coverage and care of the sick and elderly and offered instead to pay for lethal pills to enable the person to commit suicide as health care.

Euthanasia is not health care it is cold blooded murder. Our elderly, the disabled and the very ill deserve respect, compassion and care. They can live without euthanasia.   

Ken Orr


Right to Life

Lack of Parental Notification for Abortion is Child Abuse

Media Release Saturday 2nd May 2015

Parental Notification is not an Abortion Issue but a Family Rights Issue –The Denial of Parental Notification is child Abuse.

Right to Life is opposed to school counsellors and members of the Family Planning Association smuggling young girls under the age of 16 years of age out of school for a secret abortion. In doing so they may be hiding statutory rape or incest. This is an appalling violation of parental rights and a breach of trust. It is a sad irony that a school requires the written consent of the parents for permission to attend a school trip or to be given an aspirin, yet may smuggle her away for an abortion without her parents’ knowledge or consent. 

Right to Life fully supports parents and has been lobbying Parliament since 1977 for the right of parents to be notified of an abortion on a girl under the age of 16 years of age, as a prelude to the legal recognition of the right of parents to withhold consent.

To deny parents the opportunity to be informed of an abortion on a daughter under the age of 16, risks or perpetuates estrangement or alienation from the child when she is in the greatest need of parental guidance and support. It denies all dignity to the family.

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